Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Hand Me Down

While I was back in Pennsylvania over break, I received a bag of a few hand me down items that my step-mother-in-law was going to donate.  A few things were given to me and a few I picked out.  I love hand me downs.  Who doesn't love free stuff?  If it doesn't fit, you can try altering it yourself of paying to have it altered.  Since your start cost was zero dollars, it's no big deal if you mess it up or have to pay a few bucks to make it perfect.  It's also a low risk way to try something new.  Here are the items I ended up with.

Top Row:
1. pink puffy vest - This guy is a little too big under the arms so I might try to take it in but I've never tried sewing fabric like that.  I'm a little nervous but again, no biggie if it doesn't work out.
2. light blue 100% cashmere sweater - That's right, a one hundred percent cashmere sweater!  I would never buy something so indulgent for myself so I'm pretty excited about this.  It's not a perfect fit (a little big in the shoulders and the sleeves are a little long) but ummm... it's free cashmere.  I'm definitely going to be wearing this.
3. red and white striped sweatshirt & 4. coordinating white sweatpants (with pockets!) - This actually fits me very well, as the sweatsuit is petite size.  I need to take up the length of the pants but that's an easy fix and then I'll have some free new loungewear!

Bottom Row:
1. red faux shearling lined puffy vest with detachable hood - Okay, not lying here... I love this.  But it's really big on me.  I'm really hoping it wouldn't be too hard to take it in at the sides so it would fit me but I think that's just a dream that may never come true.  *Sniff sniff.*
2. vintage Christmas sweater - This baby could go for tons online, LOL.  That's right, fuzzy reindeer and snowflakes, Christmas trees, tiny yellow pom poms.  This sweater will be reserved in a drawer just in case I should be invited to any ugly Christmas sweater parties in the future.  Did I mention it's incredibly itchy too?
3. pink turtleneck sweater - My husband described the color of this as "cotton candy barf".  Haha!  Not sure about this one but I haven't had a chance to wash it and try it on yet.

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