Monday, December 8, 2014

November Purchases Round Up

Well as far as saving money this month, I totally failed but I felt like I made much better decisions in my purchases compared to September and October.  Instead of just purchasing things that I liked, I tried to really think about what I needed or what would really get used a lot.  Other than one item, I feel pretty good about my choices.

1. black skinny jeans, Walmart: I needed some new pants to wear with boots and these can also double as slacks for work.  Also, they turned out to be rather comfortable, since they have so much stretch.
2. navy long sleeve tee, Walmart: I desperately needed to replace the lounge wear I hang out in at my house.
3. grey beanie, 4. grey ear warmer, 5. grey touch screen gloves, all from Walmart: I needed some new cold weather accessories and these were only $2 each.  Of course, as soon as I bought these, I found all my old gloves and hats.  So I donated them to some needy kiddos.  :)
6. grey polar fleece vest, Belk: I bought this for my Christmas trip this month because it went with pretty much all my other pieces I planned on packing.
7. black and pink rain boots, Walmart: You can read all about that story here.
8. yoga pants, Kohl's: As I said, I was in need of new lounge wear.  I wear my yoga pants every weekend and every day after work.  My old ones literally had come apart at the crotch seams this summer but I had sewn them back together as a temporary solution until I could find the perfect pair of lounge pants.  These were it.  They cost a little more than I wanted to spend, but for as much as I will wear them, I know I'll get my money's worth.

9. pink scoop neck sweater, Walmart: This was the one item I regret buying.  It was an impulse buy based on the fact that I have other sweaters like this one that I love and this one was pink.  However, this one fits a little different than the others and is a little big on me.  Should have resisted the urge to buy something that wasn't planned or needed.
10. black long sleeve tee, 12. grey long sleeve tee, both from Kohl's: These were basic pieces that were on my list of wants.  I think they'll prove to be easy to style and wear in lots of different ways.  Great for layering.
11. navy cardigan, 13. red cardigan, both from Kohl's: These are both replacements for other cardigans that I since got rid of.  I'm thrilled to now have cardigans that are petite and actually fit me correctly.  It's great not having to roll up the sleeves of my sweaters for once!

14. Purple Fig Draped Hood Coat, Banana Republic Factory: This was obviously what cost me the most, but after seeing that I paid far less than what this coat is listed as online, I'm pretty proud of the deal I got at the outlet by my house.  Also, I'm thrilled to finally have a winter coat that looks  like it belongs to an adult and actually fits me correctly.  I'm a sissy when it comes to the cold and even in Florida, I know I'll wear this coat enough times to make it worth the money.  Also, it will be great on my trip to Pittsburgh for Christmas.  No more freezing my behind off in my cheap old coat that was three sizes too big for me.  A snugger fit seems to do a lot better at keeping me warm.

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