Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Let Down

This morning I got dressed anticipating slightly chilly weather with rain off and on throughout the day.  Well the reality was that it rained at my school all of about fifteen minutes today, during which I was inside the whole time.  Then it warmed way up to something like 79 degrees.  If I was hoping for cool and rainy, then the weather was a bit of a let down but who can really be upset about beautiful warm weather?  Not me.

I ditched the cardigan for most of the day but stuck with the rain boots.  Even though the sun was out later in the day, the playground was still a little icky from the rain.  And also, after getting three compliments from teachers on my rain boots and about ten compliments from students, I was fine with keeping them on.  I was also surprised by how comfortable they are!  I have to walk a little weird because they don't really bend a lot but I was shocked that they were comfortable enough for being on my feet all day.  They have a thick removable insole and also thick rubbery sole on the bottom.  They were a little warm for as hot as it got today, but I blame that on the meteorologists, not the boots.  No splashing in puddles for me today.

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