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Holiday Road Trip: Packing Clothes 2

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Outfit 1
Outfit 1: black longsleeve tee + Pittsburgh Penguin hoodie + green pashmina scarf + dark wash jeggings + rain boots

This outfit is what I plan to wear in the car both to and from.  The boots and hoodie will keep me warm and dry if it is raining or snowing and my fingers and ears can easily stay warm while running into gas stations and rest areas to use the bathroom without a cumbersome coat.

Outfit 2
Outfit 2: oatmeal sweater + burgundy infinity scarf + dark wash skinny jeans + cognac boots

This was an outfit that turned out better in reality than I thought it would.  Cute and cozy.

Outfit 3
Outfit 3: white tee + grey cardigan + pink scarf + dark wash skinny jeans + rain boots

This would be a cute outfit for a rainy day.  The scarf looks cute with these boots.  For this photo, I wrapped the scarf around once then tucked the ends into opposite sides so that the fringe hung down.  To wear it all day like that, I might safety pin the ends in place.

Outfit 4
Outfit 4: black tee + red cardigan + houndstooth & plaid scarf + dark wash skinny jeans + cognac boots

This scarf makes everything super cute.  I would probably wear this on Christmas day.  The red is festive but the pants have enough stretch for lots of Christmas treats.  You could make it a little dressier by switching out the black skinny jeans for these ones.

Outfit 5
Outfit 5: black tee + black cardigan + charcoal fleece vest + pink scarf + dark wash skinny jeans + rain boots

This outfit is cute and comfy for a day of last minute Christmas shopping or for watching movies with the family.

Outfit 6
Outfit 6: chambray shirt + maroon sweater + black skinny jeans + cognac boots

This actually turned out to be one of my most favorite outfits of all.  It's really cute and warm and the chambray looks great under this ribbed knit sweater.

Outfit 7
Outfit 7: Rudolph sweatshirt + dark wash skinny jeans + rain boots

Rudolph was my favorite Christmas movie as a kid so it's no surprise that I love this sweatshirt that passes as a sweater.  I bought it in the junior's department at Walmart and it fit me really well, except that the sleeves were about two and a half inches too long.  So I shortened them!  It was my first experience with shortening sleeves but the cuffs made it easy and now I love how it fits.  There's a good chance it's going to rain on Christmas eve, so this might be my choice for that day.  I didn't take photos, but I think this also might look cute with black jeans and the chambray shirt under the sweatshirt.

My new coat!
And last is what I'll probably be wearing the most: my new coat!  I absolutely am in love with this coat.  It's the first time I've ever owned a coat that I felt was just beautiful.  On the left, I have it buttoned all the way up, with the hood up for those super cold nights.  On the right, I only buttoned the bottom half and then let the hood drape over my shoulders like a shawl.  That's why it's called the Draped-Hood Coat.  And after seeing how much it's listed as online, I'm pretty thrilled that I found it in store for only $74.99.

Stop back tomorrow for even more outfits from the same pieces!

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