Friday, December 19, 2014

Holiday Road Trip: Packing Clothes 1

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For me, this is often the hardest part of trying to get ready for a trip.  I don't want to over pack but I want to have enough options to not feel frustrated when I'm there or be tempted to go out and buy a bunch of things.  I started by picking out a few of my favorite items that I wear the most often and that fit me really well.  I changed my mind on several items and went back and forth on a few things but above are pictured the things I ended up being satisfied with.  Then I used my iPad and created a Keynote presentation of all the outfits I could think of using these items as well as a few accessories like boots and scarves.  The cool thing about Keynote is that there is a feature called "Instant Alpha" where you can remove the background of a picture so it allows you to make really cool collages that give you a decent idea of how the outfits would look and how much you can mix and match pieces.  The pieces I decided on in the end were:

maroon crew neck sweater - Walmart
Shine Bright Rudolph sweatshirt - Walmart
red cardigan - Kohl's
heather grey cardigan - Kohl's
black cardigan - Banana Republic Factory
oatmeal crew neck sweater - Kohl's
chambray button down - Kohl's
charcoal fleece vest - Belk
black long sleeve tee - Kohl's
dark wash skinny jeans - Walmart
black skinny jeans - Walmart
black tee - Kohl's
white tee - Kohl's
dark wash jeggings - Walmart

These are the accessories I thought paired best with the clothing items I selected.

paisley umbrella - Target
pink scarf - H&M
burgundy infinity scarf - Target
green pashmina scarf - Walmart
black rain boots - Walmart
cognac boots - Belk
houndstooth and plaid scarf -

After I had used my iPad to create as many outfits as I could think of, I got to work trying on each outfit and photographing them to see how they looked in reality.  I was surprised that some of the outfits I liked the most in my collage didn't work so well in real life and others that were only okay turned out to be my favorites.  Check back tomorrow to see the seven outfits I liked best!


  1. I always bring at least one skirt and a pair of tights on road trips. You never know when you might have to look a little nicer!

    1. Susan, That's a great tip! I used to bring dressier clothes but I found that when I'm just visiting my family, I never ended up wearing them. Both my hubby's family and mine are both very casual.

  2. These kinds of series are one of my absolute favorite to read! Thanks for the inspiration! I'm on the hunt for a reasonable pair of black skinny jeans and wondered, does Walmart still carry the ones you've got?

    1. Walmart does still carry the black skinny jeans. I like them a lot but as a warning, they faded quite a bit after a few washes and they also tend to stretch out quite a bit when you wear them. Having said that, I think the extra stretch makes them really comfy and I like that I feel like I can wear them to work without looking so much like I'm wearing jeans since they are black.