Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas Haul

Santa was very good to me this Christmas!  I feel very blessed for all that I got this year.  Mostly I think it was the fact that with gas prices so low, I was able to spend more of my Christmas money on things other than gas for the trip home and back.  I also received some really great gifts and a gift card to Kohls.  I hope you had a great holiday too and that Santa brought you all the things you wanted and that you were able to enjoy your holiday with the ones you love.  Happy New Year!

1. Inner Beauty Sign - I bought this with my Christmas money to remind myself when I put on my makeup that it's what's inside that really matters.  I found this for only $5 at Pat Catans and knew it needed to come home with me.
2. 5-in-1 Paper Trimmer - Also bought with my Christmas money.  My mom got this for Christmas and it's great for anyone who does paper crafts or makes cards. [exact but cheaper in store than online]
3. 7" Tablet Case - I bought this for just $5 at Big Lots as a temporary Case for my new tablet.  I ordered two different (and nicer) cases from Amazon for cheap, but I'm super clumsy and need to have a case so I don't break or scratch my tablet.  I'll do a review on all three cases when the other two arrive. [exact]
4. Sharper Image Bluetooth Speaker - I've been wanting a Bluetooth speaker for my cell phone because I listen to music on it all the time.  I bought this on clearance at Target.
5. Samsung Galaxy Tab4 - My husband has this same tablet.  My mom bought my dad this tablet for Christmas.  It seemed naturally that I use most of my Christmas money to buy one.  Just kidding.  Actually I bought this sort of on an impulse.  I've been wanting my own tablet for awhile now.  I have my work iPad but it doesn't belong to me.  There is tracking software that tracks what you do on my work iPad so I don't use it for things like Facebook, Blogger, or my personal life.  While I love my iPad, I didn't want one that big and I didn't have that much to spend.  This one was on super sale and I actually love how it's small enough to fit in my hand. [exact, still on sale but not super sale] (Check out Amazon for a super sale as of 12/31/14)
6. Flashlight Lantern - My brother's awesome fiancee bought this for me after I had posted on Facebook about how I needed flashlights to teach in the pitch black.  Seriously, I am way excited about this gift.  The power in our school goes out at least twice a year so this will absolutely get used!  It would also be fun to read a scary story with. [exact]
7. Paris Book Box - Not an actual book but a real box.  How cute is this?  My in-laws gave this to me with a Kohls gift card inside! [similar]

8. Navy Moccasin Slippers & 9. Leopard & Faux Fur Slippers - Every year when we go back to Pennsylvania for Christmas, I buy new slippers at Big Lots.  It's right down the hill from my parents' house so we always end up stopping in and usually before Christmas they are buy one, get one 50% off.  I've already worn both pairs several times. [exact] [exact]
10. Pink Sleeveless Button Down - I used my Kohl's gift card on items 10-13.  Everything was on sale or clearance and I also had a coupon from the Kohl's app on my phone so I only used about seven or eight dollars of my own money.  This shirt will be great to wear to work, either with a cardigan over it in the cooler months or on its own in the summer.
11. White Longsleeve Tee - I've been searching Kohls for ages for one of these in petite size in white but they were always sold out of my size.  The search ends! [exact]
12. Black Open Cardigan - This cardigan looked really boring and sad on the rack but it's really cute on!  It would look good with jeans or a dress and I think it will be very versatile. [exact]
13. Purple Quilted Zip Sweater - I've had my eye on this sweater for months but the original price was $54, which is crazy for a sweater in my opinion.  When the price was knocked down by more than half, and they had my size in many different colors, I was sold. [exact]
14. Rose and Gold Infinity Scarf - One of my sweet students bought this for me, along with a Starbucks gift card.  He said he knew I love scarves because I wear them a lot and he knew I love coffee because it's always my iPad background.  Smart kiddo! [exact]
15. Grey Plaid Scarf - Hubby bought this for me for Christmas.  He did a great job!  It's plaid, warm and super soft! [exact]

16. Pittsburgh Penguins Fleece - My mom bought this for me like six months ago on clearance at Walmart for $5.  Good find Mom!  The funny thing is she called and asked me if I wanted it and I totally forgot and was still surprised on Christmas day!  She and Dad also bought us a beautiful set of dish towels for the kitchen (one for every month of the year) and gave us a hefty bit of cash.
17. The Wesley Crushers T-shirt - If you watch The Big Bang Theory, then you probably get this joke along with the next shirt.  Hubby bought me this and it cracked me up!  He so knows me. [exact]
18. Harry Potter Wand Pen - Today I magically made all my money disappear by using this pen to pay all my bills!  LOL.  How fun is this?  I think Hubby must have read my Dear Santa post and seen the fun things I picked from HP and LotR.   Much more fun than fruit in your stocking. [exact]
19. Lord of the Rings Elven Brooch - Another cute item hubby picked out for my stocking. [exact]
20. Soft Kitty T-shirt - Another Big Bang Theory Shirt.  Approved by Nero soft kitty.  Actual soft kitty not included.  :) [exact]

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