Monday, November 17, 2014

Weatherproof Look

Today I was all proud of myself for going to such extent to weatherproof my look.  I mean, check out the visual!  I had things under control!  Or so I thought.  Then today happened and I realized that you can weatherproof your look but you can't weatherproof your life.

I took the photo above early this morning in my classroom.  Today was forecasted to be one of those weird days in Florida.  Not so chilly in the morning when I left for work but we were supposed to reach a high of about 80 around noon and then the rain was supposed to come, causing our temperatures to plummet for the rest of the day and landing more than forty degrees below that.  Turns out I had no idea what a hand the weather would play in my day.  My look worked out great but my nerves were shot!

Around lunchtime, this is what the sky started looking like.  An hour before this it was sunny but my iPad and iPhone were popping up all kinds of crazy watches and warnings (for the record: tornado watch, severe thunderstorm warning and a hard freeze watch, which I didn't even know there was such a thing).  And about an hour after that, the school where I teach was put on severe weather lock down and then the fun began.  We had to close our shutter blinds for safety so I couldn't see what was going on outside but my students were freaking out, thinking a tornado was coming.  Once I finally got them all settled down and back to work, the power went out and we were with only emergency lights, although the lights and power in other classrooms and the hallway outside my door were working.  After school tutoring was not cancelled (even though when it started, I had been without power for an hour and a half) and as tutoring began, the entire school lost all power, phones, and even emergency lights.  Soooooo I was trying to teach in the pitch black.  Thank goodness for iPads and cell phones that still work when the power is out!  It was a draining day but I was just happy that my students and I were all safe and sound.  I hope the same is true of you, as I know much of the country is experiencing some crazy weird weather right now.

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