Saturday, November 29, 2014

Rain Boots

Yesterday in my Dear Santa post, I mentioned I was looking to buy some rain boots.  After Tuesday's expedition, I came to the conclusion that when it rains it Florida, it pours.  Literally though, not figuratively.  And I don't really want to worry every time about ruining my good boots slogging through puddles.  After putting way too much thought into the outfits I wear for rainy days, it just seemed like it might be a good idea to have a pair of rain boots to fall back on.  And just for fun, I looked back through my blog posts at all the times I've written about dressing for rainy weather.  Here's the list.

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Since I live in the Sunshine State and not Seattle, I think an inexpensive pair will do the trick so when hubby and I went to Walmart yesterday evening (still Black Friday, but way after the crowds have gone home to nap) I checked out their shoe section, hoping they would have at least this pair of rain boots, since they aren't exactly in season right now.  They did have that pair, but I was rather disappointed in how they looked.  I wasn't looking for anything fancy but these looked more like something you would wear to muck out a horse stall than something you would wear to be dry and still kinda cute.  Luckily, I was surprised to find that my Walmart actually had quite a few options for rain boots in my size.  First, they had tons of these really cute leopard print ones but I wanted something that was plain, just so I didn't look any more like a child than I already do when I wear them.  These cute polka dot bow boots were fun but were a little shorter than what I wanted, as they came only up to about mid calf.  And then in a glorious red box, I found the perfect rain boots!  *Cue angels singing*

How cute are these?!?  Plain black with bright pink soles!!  And even more unbelievable, they had them in my size, they fit with plenty of room for my calves and even for a bulky pair of socks to keep my feet warm, and they were less than what I had originally budgeted.  It's clearly shoe destiny.  But then it gets even better because they were marked with a price tag of $16.97 but they rang up as only $13.88!!  I don't know if they were on sale or what but I love me a pair of rain boots for under fifteen bucks.  After going back and scouring Walmart's website, it appears they are listed here as Color Pop Rainboot but the online photo shows them in all black so I guess maybe it's the wrong photo?  And they are listed on the website as originally priced at $19.97 (currently on sale online for $18) so I really feel like I got a bargain.  I'm happy as a clam and I can't wait until it rains again!

And to show you how excited I am about these little wellies, here's some pictures of me being awesome in my boots, inside my house on a day with no rain, wearing an old hoodie, dirty hair in a bun, no makeup, and kind of greasy skin.  Keepin' it real.

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