Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Hot Coffee

I know lots of areas are experiencing unusually cold weather this week so I thought it was a perfect time to share a tip I like to use to keep my coffee hot.  Today was sort of a weird day for me.  I didn't go to work because I had to get blood work drawn this morning and I have a dentist appointment this afternoon.  I always have to fast before my blood work, which meant I had to start the day without coffee.... bad bad news for a caffeine addict like me.  I'm not a fan of buying breakfast and coffee while I'm out because it's just so many more calories and money than breakfasting at home.  Also, I had to run errands after so I couldn't just come home and eat.  I packed a quick PB&J to eat and brought some coffee.  A few quick tricks meant that even after driving to the lab and getting my blood drawn, my coffee was still hot, even though it was seriously cold outside.

1. Be sure the coffee is hot when you put it in your to go cup.  I microwaved mine first, since it was warm but not hot by the time I left my house.
2. (If possible) Use a to go cup that is metal on the inside.  For me, I find these keep my coffee hot longer.  I love this one that one of my students gave me as a gift a few years ago.
3. The biggest tip is that I let the faucet run until the water is hot and then run the cup under the hot water until it is hot.  That way, when you pour your coffee in it, the heat doesn't transfer to the cup and leave you with cold coffee.

I did this at 8:30 this morning before leaving my house and drank about half my coffee around 9:00, after my blood work.  It was still hot then.  I drank the other half around 9:45 after running errands and while it wasn't hot any more, it was still more than luke warm.  Not bad, considering it was in the 30s here this morning!  What tips do you have for keeping warm in the cold weather?

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