Sunday, October 26, 2014

September Purchases Roundup

I've been sort of casually keeping track of my clothing/shoes/accessories purchases for the last few months and I've come to the conclusion that I need to do a no-spend November or something.  I've spent way too much lately!  But I'm also not surprised because fall is my favorite season and my favorite time to buy... sweaters, scarves, and boots: Oh my!  But seeing it all added up is not so fun.  I'm going to make a conscious effort to spend less in November and only purchase things I really need to replace or know I will wear a lot.  Especially because as I look at my closet, I realize I have so many clothes that I just don't wear but I wear the same loved pieces over and over.  I know with me this is a constant battle, wanting to have it all but only wearing the pieces that really fit well and I really like.  Maybe I just need to be more picky when I shop.  Anyway, that's too much philosophical thinking for one post so now let's get to the fun stuff and I will reflect on my shopping habits in private later. ;)

First, I picked up a wardrobe workhorse in my life, a plain gray cardigan.  While that's sort of a boring piece, I always end up wearing my neutral cardigans a ton when the weather turns chilly and last year I ended up buying one from H&M because it was inexpensive but it turned out to be really big and baggy on me and I never wear it because it fits so poorly.  This time I spent a little more to get this one from Kohl's in a petite size and I'm much happier about the better fit and higher quality.  I know this basic piece will get a ton of wear when the weather here gets chillier.

Next, I picked up a couple of fall scarves from Target when they were having a buy one, get one 50% off sale.  First, is this burgundy infinity scarf.

And next is this floral scarf that has just about every fall color in it you could imagine: navy, burgundy, olive, pumpkin, and even a bit of yellow, pink, and white.  I love that it could go with so many other colors and it's an easy way to jazz up a basic outfit.  I couldn't find the link to this scarf on any more.  Last week it was in the clearance section of the website but still full price at my local Target store.

Next, I picked up a pair of fleece lined leggings which are really warm and cozy.  These will be great for wearing under dresses and skirts in the winter.  I looked for a pair of these late last winter but by then, they were hard to find in my size.  This year I snatched them up before they were all gone.  I found these at Vanity Fair Outlet.

Next, a pair of new black flats from G.H. Bass Outlet were in order.  Almost all of my work shoes need replaced because I wear them all the time but I'm really picky about my shoes for work.  They have to have good insoles for hours and hours of being on my feet.  I prefer ballet flats because they tend to fit my wide feet well.  So I finally was able to replace my black pair with these cute ones.  I like that they have a pleather cap toe and back detail.  The center section is faux suede and the braided detail adds a cute touch too.

And last, I've already shown these items on the blog from my Labor Day haul but I wanted to put everything from September's purchases in one place so here they are again, along with where I bought them and some sort of opinions on these purchases after owning them for a month or so now.

Gray iPad bag from Eddie Bauer Outlet: I still love this bag.  I've used it every day since I bought it and am so glad I did.

Cognac purse from Ross: Again, I love this bag and have also used it every day.  It's a great size and color for what I need and I'm really happy with it.

Navy blue cocoon sweater from Loft: This is such a perfect sweater for Florida.  I've already worn it twice and I'll probably be wearing it again this week.  I love these cocoon style sweaters but they usually are so big on me they look silly.  Since this one is petite size, it fits me really well and I like that it's easy to layer.  Maybe this time I'll wear it with a scarf and boots.

Last is this scarf I ordered from Amazon.  I think with my Bing rewards points, I only ended up paying around $1.99 for this scarf out of pocket but it's so big and so warm that I've only been able to wear it for like two hours one morning.  If I lived somewhere cooler, this would be great, but for now, this scarf will probably only be seeing a few months of the year here in Florida.  Although I plan on wearing it like every day when I go back to Pittsburgh for Christmas.

I plan on doing another of these Purchase Roundup posts next week, when October officially ends but I think for November I need to seriously try to curb my spending... and maybe clean out my closet too.


  1. I've been working on cutting down my shopping because I noticed that my closet/ drawers were getting full but I had nothing to wear! You've got some great pieces here that will definitely serve you well :)

    1. I noticed the same thing, which is what led me to start tracking my purchases. Shopping and "collecting clothes" is like a bad habit. It's hard to break!

  2. Do you still have the navy burgundy olive, etc scarf? Mine was stolen in hotel, my favorite scarf of all time. Would love to buy it.

    1. I do still have that scarf. However, I bought it almost two years ago now at Target when they had out their fall line of scarves. I know I've seen lots of similar ones on though so you might look there to find a similar one.