Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Rough Week

This has been a rough week for me.  I was having some issues with my insulin pump and even had to go home from work early yesterday to handle it, but I was able to get it all fixed and straightened out finally, after three days of stress and crazy blood sugars.  Since Sunday night I've tossed and turned every night and woken up multiple times feeling terrible and checking my blood sugar.  Now that everything is running smoothly again, I'm looking forward to going to bed early tonight and getting a good night's sleep at last.

So let's avoid talking about those raccoon circles under my eyes and focus on things that are making me happy right now instead.

Thing #1, scarves: I seriously love scarves so much and I found several (far too many) that I really liked this weekend so I'm looking forward to debuting them on the blog.  Today I'm sporting this super fun red and black plaid infinity scarf that I got at Walmart.  They were $4.97 but it was a two pack that also came with a black infinity scarf.  I also really can't wait to wear this with a black dress and I'm thinking maybe red tights would be fun!

Thing #2, opaque tights: I'm so glad it's finally temperate enough here in Florida to wear opaque tights again.  Granted, it's not cool or anything but it's finally not sweltering and I love the way tights can change the look of an outfit.  I think this one is way more fun with the black tights and specifically I've really been enjoying wearing colored tights lately.  After all the drama at work yesterday, I didn't get to take a picture but I wore deep purple tights with a black skirt and pink and purple top.  My students commented on how fun the colored tights I wear are, which I found funny because besides those purple ones, I've only worn black, gray, and maroon (burgundy?  I'm awful at colors.)  this year.  I did pick up a pinkish-purpley pair last week at Target that I plan on wearing next week.  Do you have any fun colors of tights that you would recommend?  Or a store besides Target that sells fun colors of opaque tights?


  1. My favorite tights are Vera Wang from Kohls. My basic winter outfit is a knee length jean skirt with black tights and boots. I switch it out sometimes with a khaki skirt, tights, and flats. Kohls is great, they also carry Avenue 21, another great brand with lots of colors!

    1. Susan, I will definitely have to check out the tights at Kohl's. That is one of my all time favorite stores but I've never thought to look at their tights.

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    1. Thanks Natasha! As soon as I saw it at the store, I think I snatched it up and audibly gasped in delight. Luckily no one was around to see my weirdness. :)