Monday, October 6, 2014

My New Lucky Dress

I just bought this dress yesterday and wore it for the first time today and I've decided it's now my lucky dress.  I was offered a pretty exciting job opportunity today!  I can't really give any details at this time because there are a lot of unknowns and in the end nothing might change for me anyway.  Right now I have more research to do before I can make a decision.  However, it's exciting to think that I am being headhunted for a job I didn't even apply for.  All I can say is my skills with technology in the classroom have attracted some interest and this is a job field I've been thinking about for some time now.  We'll see how it all plays out but I think if nothing else, it will give me some exciting new experiences.  Nothing like a little mystery, right?  It's all thanks to the lucky dress.  ;)

dress: Rue21
charcoal heather opaque tights: Walmart
black scarf: Walmart
black braided flats: G.H . Bass Outlet


  1. You look really good in these dresses and tights. Do you wear denim or jean skirts to work? Post some jean skirt/tights pictures if possible, would love to see them!

    1. Susan, I have a denim skirt that I wear sometimes. I'm sure I have some pictures somewhere in the archives.