Monday, September 8, 2014

Weekend Shopping Haul

This weekend a friend and I went out and about for some much needed retail therapy.  Work has been very busy and stressful and we both thought it would be nice to relax and spend some of that hard earned money.  We hit the outlets along with Ross, Ulta, and Target.  Here's what I found.

First, at the Eddie Bauer Outlet, we found these great iPad bags.  Since I now teach a 1:1 iPad classroom, my world revolves around my iPad and I take it everywhere I go at work.  I've tried about five different iPad bags and all of them had a serious flaw of some sort... until I found this one!  It has lots of compartments and is big enough without being too large.  It is originally $30, but was on sale for 50% off.  You can buy the same one here or here.

Next, I found this awesome navy sweater at Loft Outlet on clearance for $17.99.  I love this because it's still 85+ degrees here in Florida but I'm dying to wear a sweater and pretend that fall is on its way.  The best of both worlds, as I can wear this now with a tee under it and in the winter with a long sleeve shirt under and a scarf.

Finally, at Ross I found this cognac bag from Croft & Barrow for $18.99.  The incredible thing is that I saw this exact bag last week at Kohl's but didn't want to pay the thirty something dollars they were asking.  You can currently buy the exact purse here.  I'm pretty pumped about saving $20 and still getting the exact bag I want.

And also, I thought I'd just throw in this post a scarf I recently purchased from Amazon for under $10.  I participate in the Bing Rewards program, so about twice a month I get a $5 Amazon gift card.  Often I'll use it for stuff for my kiddos to use in the classroom like styluses but I'm all stocked up on those right now so I splurged on this baby for myself.  The one I bought is 48" X 48" so it enormous and going to be super snuggly, warm, and blanket like this winter.  The exact one I purchased is currently sold out, but the one pictured is extremely similar and can be purchased here.

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