Friday, September 12, 2014


Thank goodness it's Friday!  This was a long and trying week and I know there are several more to come so I'm thrilled right now that it's Friday.  Unfortunately, I don't really get too much of a break because I'm working on school work for a class I have to take right now.  For as many classes as I've taken the last few years, you'd really think I'd have more than just a bachelor's degree.  *Sigh*  Oh well, at least they were all free classes.

Today I'm sharing with you another of my teacher school shirt refashions.  This polo is actually one of my good friend's that I work with who happens to be teeny tiny like me.  We're both in the under five foot tall club.  Just like my shirt was way too big, so was hers and since I owed her a favor (or 100) for all the work she did in my classroom last year to help my students, I offered to alter her shirt too, free of charge.  Again, I think the final result, while not perfect, is a huge improvement!  I hope she got to wear her newly fitted shirt today for casual Friday!  Happy weekend everyone!

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