Thursday, September 11, 2014


I actually bothered to take a second this morning to snap an outfit of the day photo... which is kind of funny because while I like this outfit, it wasn't exactly my favorite ever or even my favorite of this week.  What I really wanted to show was how awesome my new iPad bag is!  As a 1:1 iPad teacher, I take my tablet every where I go at work, and this bag makes it easy to have all my accessories right at my fingertips.  (And no, this post is not sponsored.  I paid for this bag with my own money.)  And the amazing functionality of my bag today seemed to really go with every other aspect of my look.  I was far too tired last night to wash my hair so I knew this morning I wanted to wear it up.  I chose to do a quick twist on both sides of my part and just threw the rest in a ponytail to keep it out of my face.  My outfit was quick but still professional and functional for all the sitting on the carpet I knew I would be doing today as I used base ten blocks to show my students why the algorithm for long division works.  Craziness and exhaustion!  I am so looking forward to this weekend.  Though I'll be working from home most of the weekend (turns out I have to take two more classes this year, grrr), I'll just be happy to sleep in past five AM and to do some work in my pajamas on the couch while sipping coffee and snuggling my neglected kitties.  It's been a long and busy week!

petite hot pink shirt: Ann Taylor Outlet (similar)
black and crystal flower necklace: Papaya (similar)
belt: Ross (similar)
petite black chinos: Walmart (similar)
black sandals: Walmart (exact)
pink watch: Fossil (similar)
iPad bag: Eddie Bauer Outlet (exact)

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