Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Inspired by a Fabric

I wore this shirt to work today so it seemed totally necessary to post this nail challenge on the same day, even though I photographed and wrote this post over a month ago.

Today's nail challenge is inspired by a fabric.  I immediately thought of the print on one of my favorite shirts, seen on the blog here.  I love the imperfect floral print of this top and the colors are great too.  I included a close up of the fabric in the above photo.

Like always, I started with a base coat so my nails didn't get stained.  Then I applied one to two coats of Sally Hansen Insta Dri Pronto Purple.  This was pretty opaque but I didn't get it evenly on all nails, hence why some got a second coat.

Next, I used a dotting tool to blob on some imperfectly shaped pink spots using Sally Hansen Insta Dri Flashy Fuchsia.  Next, I used a small nail art brush to add some C shapes with Sally Hansen Insta Dri Heat Wave.  Then I added a tiny dot of the same shade of purple into the center of the flowers.  Finally, I used Pure Ice First Time to add some metallic olive leaves on my flowers.

When I took these photos, I hadn't yet added a topcoat which is why the texture looks a bit bumpy.  All that nail art polish takes awhile to dry and I didn't want to smear it before I had a chance to take photos.

I think it looks pretty close to my inspiration fabric.  Mission success!

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