Saturday, August 2, 2014

Use It Up: Update 8/2

I have just three products that I'm sharing today because I've only worn those three items and mascara for the past several days.  Even though I don't officially start back to work until Tuesday, I was in my room working all day Monday through Thursday of this week so I really have been more focused on getting out the door than on putting on makeup and looking professional.  When you're going to get dusty and sweaty and gross, there's no real point in getting fancy.  And I'll probably be doing more of the same with my makeup this coming week.  But I'm still making steady progress on the items I am using so that's a plus!  Let's see how I did this week.

1. Physician's Formula black eyeliner - Oh my gosh, how tiny is this now?  I think this might finally get finished late this week or early next week.

2. Pixi Undereye Concealer - I think this product will last the longest of the three I'm working on but I definitely see progress, even compared to last week's update.  I sort of miss my Avon concealer and I'll be happy to get back to it when this is gone or at least add it into the rotation because I realized I have an unopened backup of this Pixi concealer.

3. Physician's Formula Healthy Wear SPF 50 Powder Foundation in Translucent Light - I've definitely made a lot of progress on this guy.  I actually depotted it after taking this photo because it's getting hard to scrape from around the edges.  I think my estimated finish date here is going to be pretty close to the actual finish date.

Once my teacher planning week is over I plan on doing a few shopping my stash posts.  There are quite a few items I've had on a mental list of things to use (cream shadows and blushes, a few palettes) but since I haven't really been wearing shadow or blush, they've stayed neglected.  Also, shopping my stash can help me to decide faster what items to use that morning, since I have less to choose from.  I saw this pin last week and it got me thinking that I need to pull out my Amber Rush shadow.

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