Friday, August 15, 2014

Texture 2

Still on the texture nail challenge but today I have an actual texture polish for you.  I sort of bought this polish on accident.  It was in the clearance bin at Walgreens and I loved the color so I picked it up, not realizing that it was a texture polish, as it isn't marked at all on the bottle as being such.  I didn't know until I got it home and swatched it.  I thought it was fun and different and since I had the texture challenge coming up, I decided to keep it.

This is one coat of Orly Bonder (a base coat) and two coats of Wet N Wild ATTEN-hut!  It's a gorgeous and shimmery dark olive green.  It's actually showing up a little darker in these photos than in real life.  And I didn't put on any top coat for these photos because top coat would have smoothed over the texture of the polish.  As shown, it's a gritty and sandy feeling polish.

The application on this was far from great.  The brush was too wide and sloppy but I'm not sure if that was just my brush or all of them.  Then it was drying really fast so I had to put on gloopy paste like coats in order to spread it across the whole nail evenly before it dried.  Therefore, while it seemed dry to the touch on the top, it wasn't fully dry for quite some time.  Despite all of that, it was worth it because it's just such a unique color and the texture is fun and not annoying like I thought it would be.

Without top coat, I don't think it will last all that long but we'll see.  I actually think this would be beautiful with top coat too, as I've seen swatches of it both ways.  Top coat seems to bring out the golden shimmer that's visible in the bottle but hard to see on the nail due to the texture.

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