Friday, August 8, 2014

Teacher Tips: Easier Ironing

My tools of the trade
Ironing: my fellow teachers and I actually have had several conversations about this topic and our shared hatred of it.  I'm not exactly a fan of ironing either but I am a fan of looking like I'm a put together professional who takes their job seriously.  So for me, it's all about getting the ironing done as quickly and easily as possible while still making my clothes less wrinkled.  After several years of experimentation, I firmly believe that good and quick ironing is all about the tools.

Full Size Ironing Board: First of all, invest in a full size ironing board.  My junior year of college (which was now ten years ago, ack!), my mom gave me a mini table top ironing board which I had been using up until a few months ago.  It didn't stand up off the table any more and it was really small, about half the size of the board I replaced it with.  The one I have now (shown above) was about $16 on sale at Target and it has seriously made ironing go so much faster because I don't have to rearrange items ten or fifteen times to iron the whole piece.  It really makes a bigger difference than I realized.

In the photo above, you can see how small that table top board is compared to my new one.  And the legs fold up so if someone is staying in our guest bedroom (where I do my ironing), I can just fold it up and stash it out of the way.

Iron With Fabric Selection Dial: Do they even make one temperature irons any more?  If they do, don't buy one.  And follow the dial.  It tends not to steer you wrong.  I think it would be nice to have an iron with a steam ability but this iron was given to me along with that table top ironing board so the water tank now leaks and the spray button doesn't work anymore.  Other than that, this iron is still working great and I refuse to get rid of it until it doesn't do the job any more.

Spray Starch: For my first few years of teaching, I would iron and get really frustrated because a few hours later the wrinkles would be right back.  Since my steam button was broken, I couldn't steam the wrinkles out.  Then I found out about spray starch and now the world is a happier less wrinkled place for me.  Just mist a bit of spray starch on the clothes and once it has had a few moments to dry, I go over it with the iron and those wrinkles are gone for good!  And spray starch is cheap.  You can get a can at Dollar Tree for just a buck!

So there you have it, my ironing secrets.  Isn't being a working adult exciting?  ;)

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