Sunday, August 3, 2014

Teacher Outfits: Intro

Today is the introduction to my mini series on Teacher Outfits.  I did something similar to this last year, with a three part mini series on Shopping My Closet (Parts 1, 2, 3).  This year I had some leftover spending money saved up so I was able to purchase some pieces that filled some holes in my closet, namely in the warmer weather department.  Since that was my focus, all of the outfits are centered around being light, cool, and flowy.  Very little layering here and simple outfits that I can wear during the next two months of teaching here in Florida, while it's still hot.  I have one outfit to share with you today and also a few things I wanted to note before I start in with the rest of the outfits in my next post.

1. I tried using my "good" camera for the photos and it turns out the photos were not so good.  However, after I spent two and a half hours changing clothes, photographing the clothes and changing again, I just decided I didn't have time to do it all again.  There was only one outfit that the photos were totally unusable and I retook that outfit but the rest will just have to do.  You still get the idea, even if the photos aren't my best.

2. The shoes I'm wearing in the photos aren't necessarily the shoes I would wear with that outfit to work.  I did more than twenty different outfits and I didn't want to get bogged down by unbuckling and rebuckling shoes and dragging them out of the back of my closet.

3. My URL is tattooed all over these pictures.  Hopefully they aren't too noticeable but I didn't watermark my images last time and someone ended up stealing some of my images to use in their blog post.  Along with being illegal, that's really frustrating because it takes me hoooooooours to make these kinds of posts.  While I enjoy doing it, I don't enjoy someone else taking my work and presenting it as their own idea without even asking if it's okay.  Does anyone know the procedure to get my photos taken off the page of the corporation and phony bloggers that stole them?

4. With twenty-four different outfits total, I'm not going to write much about each outfit.  I figured I'd list where I got each piece and maybe just comment on a few of my favorites.

Outfit 1

For our orientation next week, we have been asked to wear anything in green, gold, navy or white.  I figured this outfit fit the bill pretty well.  I still feel professional and covered white meeting parents and students in the afternoon but I can take the cardigan off in the morning while I work if I get hot.  I'll be in the air conditioning all day, so layering was okay for this occasion.

Outfit 1:
white knit and chiffon top: Vanity Fair Outlet
green cardigan: Target
swallow bird necklace: Bealls Outlet
navy polka dot pencil skirt: Target
taupe bow wedges: Payless

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