Saturday, August 30, 2014

Merge or Melt

Today's challenge is merge or melt.  I wasn't really sure what that meant so after some Google searching, I came to the conclusion that any manicure where the colors "merged" or "melted" together would work.  I wasn't really feeling another gradient so I thought I would go with this image from Bundle Monster plate BM412, where the dots sort of merge from one shade to the other.

After applying a base coat of Orly Bonder, I used two to three coats of NYC Hampton's Peach.  For the photo above, I put on a top coat of NYC Grand Central Station.  I had to use really thick coats to get this even and it ended up pooling in my cuticles pretty badly and then since it was so thick and not dry, it pulled away from the nail when I tried to clean up with acetone and a brush.  You can see what I mean on the right tip of my index finger.

After (I thought) that was dry, I stamped over with Sally Hansen Presto Pink and followed with another layer of top coat.  I loved how this looked!  I just filed my nails down before this manicure so they were a little on the short side for the image, but I still like the color combo.

This was a super fun and summery look but unfortunately, shortly after I was done I had to throw on some rubber gloves and do some work outside and it totally smudged the not as dry as I thought they were nails.  They were mushed beyond repair so I had to take the polish off.  Now I only have pictures to remember this mani by!

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