Wednesday, August 20, 2014

How Important Is Time?

Fossil watch
This morning while I was getting ready for work, I put on my Fossil watch.  A few minutes later I glanced down to see what time it was and I realized it had stopped working in the night.  And then I. HAD. A. MELTDOWN.  I went into a frenzy, searching high and low for a backup watch to wear for the day.  I swear I used to have backup watches but I guess I must have gotten rid of all of them.  I was seriously in a panic and I realized just how important time is to my job.  I have to know what time the students come, what time to take them to resource, what time to pick them up, what time reading ends and writing begins, what time to go to recess and then what time to come inside and go to lunch... the list goes on and on.  Time is extremely important when you are a teacher.  I sort of realized that what many of us think as simply an accessory that adds to our style is actually very functional in my life.  So naturally, I went straight over to the Fossil outlet on my way home from work to get that battery replaced.  And after that, I went next door to Rue 21 and bought the cheapest backup watch I could find so that this teacher emergency never happens again.  Yes, time is that important to teachers.

The photo at the top is of my "every day" watch.  This Fossil watch was a Christmas gift from my husband about five years ago.  I've replaced the battery twice now and this thing seriously just works so well.  It keeps time incredibly well and I only noticed yesterday that it had slowed a bit.  Also, you can see that it keeps the date, which is also really convenient as a teacher.  This watch has a small face which works well on my small frame and it goes with pretty much everything I wear.  It's only around $10 to get the battery replaced which is why I keep doing that instead of buying a new watch every time it dies.  It has some scratches in the metal near the face but the actual face is still pretty much perfect, even after all these years.

$5 Rue 21 watch
The photo above is of the five dollar watch I bought as a back up from Rue 21 after "suffering" all day with no watch.  I didn't even press in the knob or set the watch yet.  I figured it would probably die before I used it if I let it run every day but at least now I have a backup again.  It's enormous on me and not at all my style but this morning I was ready to wear my hubby's watch in desperation.  (I didn't because the band was so big on me that it fell off my hand.)  I'll probably keep my eyes out in the future for a second watch that is a good price (I see a second Fossil in my future!) but for now this will do the trick in emergencies.  And maybe every now and then when I'm feeling like a little mint in my outfit.

And you can see in this photo that the band is actually like a stretchy rubber.  Weird, huh?  But that's okay, in a tight timeless situation I'll be happy to have even a goofy kiddo watch.  Although, after working nearly eleven hours every day this week, I'm kind of over time right now too.  So that makes me wonder, is time important to anyone else's job?  Do you have a watch you wear regularly or is time more flexible where you work?


  1. I used to have a very similar Fossil watch that I loved. Then I had the battery replaced and the person ruined it by making the numbers pop out and then claiming that it was like when I gave it to him (it wasn't!). The cost of fixing it was something ridiculous like $30 or more, which I didn't do since I knew I could buy a new watch in that amount. Needless to say I was really upset. Now I've just gotten used to checking my phone but I see how it's important for teachers to have wristwatches.

    1. Oh no! That would be very upsetting. And how crummy of the employee. They should have at least taken responsibility and paid for the repairs.