Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The First Step

All polishes will be listed left to right.
NYC Lafayette Pink 
NYC Fashion Safari 
NYC Hamptons Peach 
Isn't the first step in overcoming an addiction admitting you have a problem?  Sooo... hi, my name is Pam and I am addicting to pretty things.  Pretty things like nail polish.  Can you ever have enough nail polishes?  Probably, but I guess I'm not there yet.  I have some fun nail art ideas in my head but I didn't have some essential shades that I needed in order to pull them off.  Namely, I had no light shades that weren't white.  I generally gravitate towards bright or jewel tones because they look good on my skin tone.  So when I was looking to do designs that involved pastels and lighter shades, I was out of luck.  I went on a hunt and got luckier than I thought!  I also bought this green and this green for nail art stamping but forgot to photo them for this post so let's just pretend that didn't happen.

I bought the polishes above from Target.  My Target has a great selection of NYC polishes.  I haven't tried their regular polishes in about two years and I had heard they had reformulated their quick dry brand.  I love the clear shade of that brand, Grand Central Station, which is my go to top coat.  The pictures I took really are not color accurate to the bottle (and many of them swatch darker than the bottle) so if you are interested in any of the shades, I recommend looking at swatches online.

Sally Hansen Pink Punk
Sally Hansen Rockstar Pink
Sally Hansen Breezy Blue
Sally Hansen Pixel Perfect

And while I was at Target, I couldn't resist picking up a few polishes from my absolute favorite line, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear.  I guess these are some of the newer shades.  Notice the bottles on the outside have a bit of a different design on the X?

Finally, when hubby was with me, we stopped in at CVS and for him to pick up a face wash.  I went over to look quickly at the nail polish. ;)  I found the Milani Red Sparkle I was looking for marked 50% off and then I spotted a limited edition of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear polishes that were all pastels.  There were several shades I was interested in and I was doing that thing where I stand there and try to decide if I really need this shade or that.  Hubby was getting impatient and offered that he would happily buy them all for me if we could just leave.  Done and done!

Sally Hansen Teeny Bikini
Sally Hansen Peach Baby
(which is pink and not peach)
Sally Hansen Wet Suit
Sally Hansen Floaties
(which is the peachy/coral shade)
Milani Red Sparkle

So now as I write, I'm painting my toes with Pink Punk and about to start on my nails after that with Lafayette Pink.  Keep an eye out in the next few weeks for these shades to make an appearance in some manicures!

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