Monday, July 21, 2014

Tape Mani: Take 2

Yesterday I posted my terrible tape mani.  I had used a pink base color and on two fingers, tried using zigzag tape to to a funky French tip.  When that didn't work out so well, I was inspired by the colors and shapes to do strawberry nails instead.  My mistake bred inspiration that led to a mani I am proud to share. :)

Supplies I used
And it's surprisingly easy to achieve, even for those of us that are not so awesome at nail art.  After using my Orly Bonder for a base coat, I applied two quick and easy coats of Sally Hansen Insta Dri Sonic Bloom.  This is a hard to describe shade but it's sort of a red coral.  Like reddish pink with a hint of orange.  I'm so bad at describing colors so here's a swatch of it plain.  Juicy, right?

After this color, I applied a thin coat of NYC Grand Central Station and let my nails dry for about an hour while I edited blog photos and typed up some posts about other manis I had done.  For this manicure, I used painter's tape cut with a pair of zigzag craft scissors.  I cut the painter's tape and then stuck it to my place mat before applying it to my nails.  Then I used a cuticle pusher to be sure the tape was really stuck onto my nails well enough to seal.  I pressed down the edges onto my fingers too so nothing was sticking up.  Then I used Essence The Green and the Grunge to add green to the tips of my nails.

After cleaning up any spill over green polish, I used a Black Kiss Nail Art Pen to draw in little lines to represent the strawberry seeds.  You could use a black polish and toothpick or even a thin black Sharpie to get the same effect.  I threw on another coat of NYC Grand Central Station to seal in my design and I was done!

I absolutely love the way these turned out and I am thinking I might actually do them again some time soon!  This would be a great way to give new life to any red polish that is starting to chip.  Cover the tips with some green and add black lines and you have a whole new look!

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