Sunday, July 20, 2014

Tape Mani: Take 1

It's been pretty well documented here on my blog that I stink at manicures where you have to stick things to your nails.  Need proof?  Click here, here, or here.  No worries, though, today's manicure wins the awfulness trophy.  However, goodness came from it and tomorrow's mani post rocks, if I don't say so myself.

After applying a base coat, I painted my nails with Broadway Nails Ballet Flat.  I think this polish was $1 at Dollar General.  It was pretty thick and goopey but applied okay with two coats.  It's sort of a dusty light pink.  However, I will not be buying any more of these polishes because it took aaaaages to dry.  An hour later, when I taped over it, you could see that the tape left some kind of weird marks on it.  And I had even used a thin coat of NYC Grand Central Station over it.

So now you can see the amazing final results.  For all of these nails, I used scotch tape and Sally Hansen Insta Dri in I-Rush Luck.  I tried just going with a simple French tip on the pinky and ring fingers that that turned out awful.  Then I used some zigzag craft scissors and tried to do that on the middle and index fingers but oh, fail even more.  The green polish wasn't opaque enough to cover without using a ton of it and the tape left marks on the pink and didn't seal well enough.  But after looking at the two zigzag nails, I got to thinking that they kind of looked like strawberries.  So the next day I gave tape nails another try.  Stay tuned tomorrow for awesome tape nails instead of a fail.  I wanted to share the fail just so you all know that I'm completely perfect and never make mistakes.  ;)  Keeping it real in blog land!

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