Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sassy + Chic Nail Stickers

I bought these Sassy + Chic Embossed Nail Stickers at my Dollar Tree for $1.  They didn't appear to have a name on the packaging but the ones I got were purple with gold shatter design.  Being that they were $1, I didn't have high expectations but I was disappointed nonetheless.

I followed the directions on the packaging with only one deviation.  I did use a topcoat over them to protect the stickers but we'll get to that later.  First of all, I felt that the stickers were not well sized.  My pinky and thumb were easy enough to match but there were several sizes of thumb stickers but then I struggled to find matches for my index, middle, and ring fingers.  For my ring I actually had to use a sticker that was too large and just sort of stuff it into my cuticle, as I couldn't even seem to cut off the excess.  It was okay though and good enough for me.  Anyone who has fairly small nails might want to just be aware of that.

After applying each sticker, I had very little trouble getting rid of the bubbles.  I think I only had one nail that had a sort of bubble mountain where I couldn't get it smooth.  And just like reader Jessica said, these are definitely not like Sally Hansen's nail strips.  They are not made of polish and are more like a thick regular sticker.  I should have known that when the directions said you could peel them off like a sticker!

After finding the right size, the directions said to file the extra edge off.  However, I found when I did this that they did not file nicely at all and I ended up with very jagged edges and one nail even ripped so that it looked like the "polish" was already chipped at the edge.  I tried my best to get the tiny bits hanging off the edge of my nail to go away but it wasn't working.  I almost think I should have cut them with cuticle scissors or something.  To try to remedy the problem with the edges, I added a thin layer of NYC Grand Central Station to seal everything in.  Well that just totally ruined it.  For some reason, the top coat caused the stickers to bubble all over (when they were smooth before).  That left my nails with little bits of sticker on the end that were catching in my hair, as well as little ridges on almost every nail that were catching on things as well.  Grrr!  After about three hours, I finally couldn't stand these catching on every thing and I literally just peeled them off like a sticker.

To sum it all up, here's what I think:
1. Personally, I would not use these for every day.  For me, it would be just as fast to throw on one or two coats of a quick dry polish and call it a day.  It would probably annoy me less too.
2. These would be nice for travel if you really want to have your nails done.  You don't need anything besides the stickers and a file to apply them and you don't need polish remover to take them off.  They would barely take up any space in a suitcase and wouldn't get confiscated because they are not a liquid.
3. These would be great for little girls!  Have a busy body daughter or niece that doesn't hold still while waiting for polish to try?  These might be a nice alternative, if she can resist the urge to peel them off.  Trust me, it's tempting to pick at them.
4. I wish they had these in more designs.  These purple and gold ones are nice but if they had holiday themed ones, I would totally be sold for my Christmas traveling.

For just one dollar, I might give these another try eventually (without topcoat) but for now I'll just stick to actual polish or hunting for Sally Hansen strips that are discounted.  Recently I've had luck finding them both at Dollar Tree and my local Bealls Outlet.  In the past I've also found them at Big Lots but it's kind of hit or miss.


  1. I just got these too same problem with the edges and looking like it had chipped already I also had added the top coat because to me it seems if you don't they won't stay on long so let's see how long it last

    1. I hope they work better for you than they did for me!

    2. Maybe try putting them on untrimmed nails, file them off, then trim nicely with clippers, for smooth edges?

    3. That's a good idea. I ended up buying some different ones that weren't the metallic sort of design so I should try that method with the other ones.

  2. I honestly love these. I have had a similar problem with the sizes but I just the big ones down because I think the huge ones are for big toes. But when you file your nail using a coarse file then wipe them down with alcohol or astringent they stick really well. And I didn't have the problem with the rough edges. Different dollar trees have different designs too. Best of luck in the future.