Sunday, July 6, 2014


I was struggling with this pink challenge, just because I love pink nail polish (or pink anything) and I have so many pink shades that I like.  I decided to go with Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Pumped Up Pink.  I knew I wanted to do some kind of glitter over it so I used a coat of my glue base coat.  I think that was mistake #1.

Then I painted two coats of the pink polish.  After that dried I painted two coats of Sally Hansen Triple Shine in Pearly Whites, which is a flakie topcoat with lots of chunky, rough cut iridescent glitter.  The problem was that the flakies were sparse and the base was thick so the glitter was just wiping right off on the brush.  So I did two coats that were both pretty thick... mistake #2.  Finally, I topped it off with a fast dry top coat.  A few hours later I was bored and decide this might be fun to stamp over but when I pressed down hard on the manicure with a finger.... it squished like silly putty making mistake #3.

Imagine if blue sticky tack and chewed bubblegum were mixed together and then left in a car in the Florida summer on a 95 degree day for about 5 hours.  That's what this polish's texture ended up being like when I tried to use a cuticle pusher to remove it (since it was on the glue base).  I ended up having to use water to dissolve the glue, then acetone to remove the polish.  So while this was a pretty manicure, it only lasted a few hours and I wouldn't recommend using quite as many coats of polish as I did.

While she did not live a long life, this manicure certainly had a full and beautiful existence.  May she rest in peace and be commemorated in photos.

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