Thursday, July 10, 2014

Ombre or Skittle

When I first saw that today's nail challenge was ombre or skittle I was pretty excited because I love sponge manicures and I knew I could get the ombre effect I wanted with sponging on a few different shades of one color.  What I learned from this challenge was that I should stick with my instincts.

I started off by painting my nails two coats of Sally Hansen Breezy Blue, which is a light slightly shimmery blue from the Xtreme Wear line.  It's one of their newer shades.  It wasn't perfect after two thin coats but I knew I would be sponging over and that process would fill in any lighter spots so I just stopped there.  Three thin coats would have probably made it completely opaque.

Here's where it all went wrong.  As I mentioned above, I had planned on sponging on three blue shades with a sponge.  At the last minute, I sponged only the two lighter shades together and then added the dark shade to just the tip after the light colors dried.  Well it didn't really look as ombre as I wanted, as the dark blue didn't blend well.  I was really disappointed with the whole thing and pretty mad at myself for not trusting my original idea, but then I realized... you can always sponge over again!  So after my top coat of Essie Matte About You dried, I tried again, this time sponging all three colors at once so they would blend better.  That did the trick!

From lightest to darkest, the three colors I used were: Sally Hansen Breezy Blue, Essie Coat Azure, and Sally Hansen Co-Bolt Blue.  I love the way the final product just sort of fades from one color to the next.  I hadn't used my matte top coat in awhile so it seemed like a good way to get all the shades to have the same satiny texture, as the cobalt color was much more shimmery than the others.  After way more effort than should go into any one manicure, I ended up really pleased with the way this finished.

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