Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Nail Mail

I actually had to work today, as I had a math workshop.  I checked the mail box after ward, and I was thrilled to find nail mail!  Several weeks ago, I ordered two nail plates from Cheeky Beauty off of Amazon.  (I paid for them with my own money.)  I ordered Jumbo Plate 4: Top of the Class and also Jumbo Plate 10: Happy Nails.  These took only 18 days to arrive here from China, which was several weeks before they had estimated the arrival.  As you can see above, they arrived in a secure bubble wrap lined envelope.  I got too excited though and ripped it open at the mailbox before taking pictures. It came to me sealed. 

Inside the envelope, they were sealed in more bubble wrap, as you can see.  The plates also had some kind of plastic corner protector which came off.  They also have a blue protective film to prevent scratches.  Mine arrived in perfect shape, with no bends, scratches, or damage at all.  Awesome!

The blue tint is from the protective film, which peeled right off.

After I got home tonight and we ate dinner, Brian wanted to swing by the outlet mall so needless to say I'll have another haul post coming up and I didn't have time to try out any of the images yet.

I included a few photos of some of my favorite images.  If you want to really examine the images, click the links at the very top to see the Amazon images.  The photo above is from the Top of the Class plate.  I love the calculator, owl, and the coffee cup!  Every teacher needs coffee nails! :D

From the same plate, I'm loving the full nail image of the owl, scissors, @ signs, beakers(!), and fun school utensils like a highlighter, protractor.

Can you tell I love this plate?  So many teacher images!  Here we have paper clips, check marks, and some adorable children playing/listening to music.

And last from this plate, I love the lined paper and more super cute kiddos!  I definitely think for the first day of school I'll be wearing some notebook nails with some of these fun images stamped on!  Can't wait!

Next, let's look at the Happy Nails plate, which is all full nail images.

I'm not really sure what the top image there is but I love it!  And the delicate flowers would be adorable on toes or fingers!

I love the imperfect geometric squares!  Combine it with singing birdies and double helixes and I'm geeking out over here.

I actually ended up ordering three more plates from Cheeky as well so I can't wait for them to come but that will be several more weeks.  Who doesn't love nail mail?

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