Friday, July 4, 2014


After learning that you could use white craft glue to make a peel off base coat for glitter polish, I knew I had to try it myself.  Of course, being the crafty gal I am, I already had some of this glue hanging out at home as well as an empty polish bottle.  I whipped up a quick DIY base coat and grabbed a gold glitter polish and my *newly arrived* Bundle Monster nail plates.

I mistakenly started out using 2 coats of the glue base coat... let's just say there's a learning curve to applying glue polish to your nails but after one hand I got the hang of it.  I don't recommend two coats, as it will make it peel off a little too easily, like when you dry your hands after washing dishes.

I applied two coats of the gold glitter which was a tiny bottle of Ulta And the Oscar Goes To... which is has some holographic glitter in it and is gorgeous but my mini bottle is old and almost empty and was really thick and goopy and hard to apply.  Needless to say, after fighting with it in this mani, it has been put to rest.

I loved the sandy sort of look of this glitter so I decided to go with an Egyptian theme and stamped on that really cool image from Bundle Monster plate BM405.  I loved it and loved even more that it was so easy to take off!  I just loosened the cuticle area with a cuticle pusher and the rest just peeled off in one big chunk, minus the nail that died from the dish water.  Have you ever tried a glue base coat for glitter?  Any tips for a beginner?

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