Thursday, June 5, 2014

Summer Vacation!

Here it is: the start of my summer vacation!  My classroom is shut down and awaiting a deep cleaning from our custodial staff.  Meanwhile, I've already begun some of the arts and crafts projects to snazzy up my class next school year.  First, I got to work on that pink bucket from yesterday's post.  I cut off the ugly, sad rope handles and attached some bows cut out of this ribbon.  I'm planning on my classroom color scheme next year being pink, lime, turquoise, and black so this bucket will fit right in and be functional.  I plan to use it to store notebooks and other paperwork on my desk.

I also have been working on making some cardstock robots.  I'm using my Cricut to make lots of cute little robots to decorate my room as well.  I love doing arts and crafts and haven't been able to do much crafting with this busy school year so I'm looking forward to lots of fun creating time.

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