Thursday, June 26, 2014

Nail Polish Haul

Sally Hansen Triple Shine in Pearly Whites
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Coin Flip
Wet N Wild ATTEN-hut!
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Jazzy Jade
Broadway Nails in Ballet Flat

I actually got off my couch and went in to work today.  My new principal was having a meet and greet so I swung by to meet her.  While I was there, I was chatting with one of my friends who mentioned that she was swamped so being the awesome friend I am, I offered to help her out to check some things off her list.  I ended up spending about an hour filling out property forms on my iPad so that our old XP computers could be surplussed.  It was actually kind of fun hanging out in our media center with absolutely not another soul there, as I blared Adele, Katy Perry, and Taylor Swift on my iPad as I wrote down property numbers.  I didn't mind at all.  And afterwards, I was rewarded with a free lunch!  Not a bad day at all.

After lunch and chit chat with some work friends, I headed home, as being at work for four hours when I'm supposed to be on vacation was about the limit of my charitable feelings.  Afterwards, I swung by Walgreens to pick up some Q-tips and couldn't resist checking out the nail polish aisle on my way.  I was looking for some of the new shades from the Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear line.  I found Coin Flip but the other new shades at my Walgreens were not impressing me.  However, I did fall in love with one of the new Sally Hansen Triple Shine polishes, Pearly Whites.  It's a flakie and I love me some flakie.  This one seemed more iridescent than many of the other ones I have and in the bottle seemed to have rough cut chunks in blue, white, yellow, and pink.  I'm not sure about that but it sure was pretty and I couldn't resist temptation.  And then in the clearance bin, I found a lovely shade of army green with gold shimmer.  The polish is from Wet N Wild and is called ATTEN-hut!  I bought it just because I have a weak spot for olive polishes and often have trouble finding one that applies nicely.  For $1.99, I figured it was worth a gamble.  Low and behold when I swatched it at home, I realized it was a texture polish, which I never really had ventured into.  When they were all the rage last year, I was in my "I don't need to buy more cosmetics" phase and also, I prefer a smooth polish to rough nails.  We'll see how I like it after I actually wear it but if nothing else, I love the color.

Finally, I stopped at Dollar General to look and see if they had any L.A. Colors nail polishes that looked interesting.  My DG was such a mess that it was just about impossible to find anything you were actually looking for.  None of the nail polishes were in the right place, half of them were either sold out or in the wrong brand section.  They did have a wide selection of L.A. Colors Flash Pop! polishes, but they just seemed too gimmicky for me to be willing to take the risk on them, even if they were cheap.  I did luck out with finding Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Jazzy Jade although after coming home and swatching it, I feel like I have something very similar in my collection already.  I also tried one polish from a brand I've never heard of before.  Broadway Nails, which I know makes press on nails that I've enjoyed before.  For $1, I tried out a light pink shade in Ballet Flat.  We'll see how it goes.  So there you have my haul!  The longest story ever about how I bought five nail polishes.

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