Saturday, June 14, 2014

Classroom Decor Crafts

I've been rather busy lately!  My parents and sister made a last minute decision to come visit us this past week.  They came on Friday, which was my first day of summer break and they left yesterday.  We were pretty busy while they were here, as I had to work two days of workshops and Brian was working and also interviewing for some potential new teaching positions!  No official word yet but we are hopeful.  Also, my principal was hired for a new position which means as of July 1st, I will have a new boss, whom I have yet to meet.  And while my parents were here, my mom helped me with several arts and crafts projects for my classroom next year.  Now that you're caught up on all the excitement of my fascinating life, here's some of what I've been up to.

Above, you see a bucket of flowers that I turned into pens.  You just cut the flowers off a few inches from the stem and use floral tape to adhere them to pens.  I use these in my classroom.  They will sit in the bucket next to where my students sign out to use the hall pass.  This way, they always have something to write with.  Also, they make a lovely decoration and I find that these flower pens are less likely to grow legs and walk away than when I used to provide regular pens.  And really, aren't they just so pretty?

Next, I'm working on dyeing all my pocket charts black.  Pocket charts seem to only come in these terrible primary colors.  Mine were originally primary blue and primary red.  I hate those colors.  I have always hated those colors in my classroom.  I saw on Pinterest that someone had successfully dyed theirs black and I was thrilled to try to see if I could replicate the results and so far it's been successful!  My first try came out dark navy but the second one was black!  I haven't tried the red one yet and I also plan on trying to get that navy one to dye black but I still think it looks way better!

Finally, I had my super sweet hubby spray paint my plastic Sterilite drawers for me.  My students turn in homework, classwork, and signed papers in these drawers and they were just so sad looking before.  A few coats of Barbie pink later (this paint, actually) and they are gorgeous!  I still plan on adding some cute scrapbook labels but that's a project for another day.


  1. It must've been nice having your family over...I can't imagine living somewhere far from family. =) Neat craft projects; I love that you share your 'teacher stuff' because (before this blog) I had no idea how much time teachers put in outside the class work, like decor, workshops, courses, etc. Now I need your advice: what kind of gifts do you like getting from parents or what kind do you recommend? I feel like (thanks to your blog) a gift card to Target might be best because it'll give the teacher more options (since, again something I've learned that teachers use their own money to decorate and organize their class...I always thought the school paid for that stuff!) vs a gift card to a coffee shop or book store? What do you think?

    1. Zara, It is definitely hard living far from my family and I'm grateful for any time we get to spend together. Teachers definitely spend a lot of time outside of work doing work and we spend a lot of our own money. But I think most teachers do it because we love our work and it makes us feel happy. I am very passionate about my work and I feel like what I do is important. I think any teacher would love a gift card to any of those places! Target would definitely be a great suggestion, as they could buy books, school supplies, and lots of other options there.