Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Almost Summer

I have been really busy the past few days, getting ready to finish up this school year and whatnot.  I've worn cute outfits but been in too much of a rush in the morning to think about photoing them.  While teaching, lesson plans, and instruction take a back seat the last few days, things like paperwork, cleaning up the room, and organizing the closet take higher priority.  I have a few more things to follow up with my in my classroom tomorrow on planning day and after that, I'm done.  It's almost summer for this teacher!

I've done a bit of shopping for some items for my classroom next year and I thought I would share my haul of stuff because you know I will be eventually posting pictures of my classroom at the end of summer and including photos of what I've done with all this fun stuff.

First, the large container is an oval pink bucket to hold items on my desk.  Right now it has ugly and shedding rope handles.  I plan on cutting them off and replacing them with ribbon bows.  More on that in a minute.  Inside the large pink basket there is brightly colored cardstock that I'm using to make decorations for my class.  Also in that basket there are two packs of tissue pom poms in lime, blue, and pink.  There is also a pack of green tissue paper and a pack of pink tissue paper in case I decide I want to make my own pom poms.  New bulletin border will be covering one of my boards.  I also picked up a new hot glue gun and glue sticks, as my current gun has seen better days and I need one for a couple of projects.  In the left handle of the pink bucket are pipe cleaners.  In the right handle are two Dollar Tree bouquets of silk flowers.

Next, let's move to the two little lime green buckets in the middle row.  In the left one, two packs of googly eyes dwell.  In the right one, floral tape and a pack of pens.  Next to the buckets, several rolls of ribbon wait to decorate and hang decorations.  At the end of the row is another pack of wiggle eyes.  Very important in making classroom decorations cute!

Last, in the front row we have a polka dot bulletin border and a cursive handwriting decoration.  The haul is finished with a pack of file folder labels and a pack of Command hooks to hang all the fun things I'll be making.

And in case anyone is interested, I've included links or a store listing to all the items I purchased.  I do not get paid or get a single penny for you clicking the links.  They are just there for you. :)  I know it seems like a lot of money, but I've been waiting for each of the items from Hobby Lobby to go on sale, and I also get a 15% discount on everything at Hobby Lobby because I am a teacher.  So I didn't pay full price for much.

pink bucket - Hobby Lobby (was on clearance $4.76 at my HL)
lime tissue paper - Target
pink tissue paper - Target
pink silk flowers - Dollar Tree
pink ribbon - Walmart
file folder labels - Winn Dixie

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