Monday, June 23, 2014

A Couple of Outfits

I found a couple of random outfit photos and thought I would put them together into a quick post.  The first one is what I wore to a workshop last week.  I wore my favorite olive chinos, black sandals, a white tee, taupe scarf, and my denim jacket.  The workshop classrooms were freeeeezing so I was glad I wore this jacket.  I absolutely love my denim jacket and wear this one all the time but after wearing it the whole day, I came to the conclusion that it was not exactly the best fit and was therefore becoming uncomfortable after wearing it all day.  I have really narrow shoulders and it was too big in that area.  Even sometimes petite size clothes are too wide at the shoulders on me, but when I found a petite size denim jacket the next day on sale at Kohl's, in my size and the wash I wanted, I jumped on it.  I'm already loving it and actually wore that denim jacket in the outfit below.

Sorry for the quality of this photo, as it was just a quick phone pic.  I wore my cobalt blue dress with cognac sandals and this awesome cognac belt from Amazon.  I threw the denim jacket on as an afterthought because we were going out to meet some friends for dinner and drinks.  In Florida during the summer, the air conditioning is often turned up really high and I get chilly so I wore this during dinner and then afterwards when it was raining too.  This one is way more comfortable and fits better in the shoulders, sleeves, and length.  Maybe sometime I'll do a comparison post.

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