Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Best Day Ever

So I took an outfit photo this morning.  Only one, since I was in a hurry.  It turns out it is blurry and you can't see anything.  Oops.  So instead of an outfit post, you get a "Best Day Ever" teacher post with screenshots from one of my student's projects that almost made me cry.

my amazing photography work
I had the best day ever at work today.  I got there super early (6:30 AM) to get everything set up because I knew it was going to be a busy day.  The teachers on my team started off our day by having a meeting with our administration at a local coffee shop.  Anyone who is a teacher or knows a teacher knows that this sort of thing never happens.  We never get to leave campus unless the students are not there.  It was awesome!  And our boss bought us coffee and breakfast if we wanted it!  I got an iced Samoa coffee and it was so good!

We got back to campus about one minute late and all of our students were quietly and calmly waiting for us to get back.  My students were really well behaved all day and we did some really fun activities today.  For lunch, our school bought the teachers an amazing fried chicken catered lunch for teacher appreciation week, complete with an entire table of desserts.

After lunch, the students showed some iMovies they had been working on.  Every student had to create a movie trailer about how we use our iPads in fifth grade and we're going to be showing the movies to fourth grade classes in a few weeks.  If my students finished their trailer early, I let them make a school-appropriate video of their choice.  Well one of my students had been making a secret "Mrs. S Rocks!" movie for me for teacher appreciation week!  I seriously almost cried, it was one of the nicest things any student has ever done for me.  Also, several other students came up to me earlier in the day to personally tell me things like this:

"Thank you for teaching me how to do fractions.  I've never been good at it but you taught me how to multiply and divide fractions in two days!"

"Thank you for working so hard to make using iPads fun!  You really work hard for us and I appreciate it!"

"Thanks for making us videos to watch when you are absent.  I know it's probably a lot of work but it really helps me get better at math!"

Sometimes teaching can be really thankless and often times you work so hard and never see the kids make much progress so to have them go out of their way to sincerely say thank you and be so detailed about what they are thankful for... it's very rewarding, especially after a day like yesterday where I put in ten hours for the same amount of pay.

Then after that, we had our local high school choir come over and perform for the kids and one of the sixth graders asked if I went to school at the elementary school where I teach!  I guess I'm aging well!  LOL

It was basically a great day and I'm really looking forward to tomorrow as well.  I will be at a training for the iPads so I won't be with my students but I left them lots of stuff to do on their iPads.  I'll be presenting first thing in the morning at my training about how to use videos as an instructional tool.  I get to meet my friend M for breakfast at Panera before the training and we get an hour long lunch during the day (also never happens for a teacher) so I'm really stoked about tomorrow as well!

And for your enjoyment and mine, here are some screenshots of her video.

Wow, that's really close up!


  1. You sound like an amazing teacher and I'm happy for you that your students thanked you for your efforts.

    1. Thanks Zara! They really are such sweet souls.