Thursday, April 3, 2014


Today was Thriday for me - a Thursday that feels like a Friday because my school district has tomorrow off!  So I got to wear jeans today.  Originally, I had planned on wearing my purple vest with them but I realized I had just worn it last week and this olive vest was still neglected.  I decided I wanted to wear it instead and then I had a small anxiety attack, because putting together outfits is not that easy for me, especially last minute.  Finally, I decided to just keep it simple and wear it the way I usually do, with a plain white shirt underneath.  As I was grabbing for my white shirt, I noticed I hadn't worn my black button down in quite awhile (I'm pretty sure the last time was here in October) so I decided to try black instead.  I already planned on the cognac shoes and belt and I ended up with an easy outfit that looked really cute!  I'm glad I went for the black, as it is a combination I haven't worn often and I really like neutrals mixed together in this outfit.

petite black paisley button down: Kohl's
olive utility vest: JC Penney
cognac skinny belt: Bealls Outlet
petite straight leg jeans: Loft Outlet
honey bow flats: GH Bass Outlet

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