Monday, April 14, 2014

Neglected No More

My red skort is neglected no more!  I was inspired by this pin to pair it with my grey button down, which has also been pretty neglected.  The best I can tell from my records, I haven't worn this grey shirt since the beginning of September 2013.  When it was chilly this morning, I wore it with my previously unworn black grandpa cardigan so basically this is an outfit full of under worn items.  And it turns out I ended up loving this outfit!  And I got a lot of compliments.

My second topic of discussion today: Sunless Tanners.  My legs have been dying to see the sun but they are so so so white.  Like, reflect moonlight white.  So for the past week I had been using a travel size of this Jergen's sunless tanning product for fair skin tones.  After about three or four days I saw results but they were subtle.  After a week, it was noticeable with no streaks and it still looked pretty subtle but just enough color for what I wanted.  I was really pleased with it.  Then I ran out.  And I didn't want to buy more, seeing as how I have four other tanning products, two instant and washable and two gradual tanners.  I decided to use my Jergen's Express, that is supposed to show results in just one day.  And that's the story of how I ended up with tan finger prints on my thighs.  LOL!  Teach me to take short cuts.  Now I remember why I only used that product once.  Did I mention I stopped by Walgreens after work to pick up more of the kind I liked?  Got a full size and a travel size in case I end up getting to do any fun trips this summer.

petite grey button down: Ann Taylor Outlet
black grandpa cardigan: Ross
red skort: Kohl's
red and silver bead necklace: gift from a student this year
black belt: Bealls Outlet
nylons: Walgreens
black bow flats: GH Bass Outlet

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