Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Finally Done

My students and I are finally done with all of our standardized tests!  I'm looking forward to spending the rest of the year working on fun projects and things I want to teach.  I'm also looking forward to better sleep at night when I'm not lying awake tossing and turning wondering if they'll be able to succeed, despite the fact that we have all worked so hard all year.  This outfit was easy and comfortable for all of the pacing I did in the computer lab today as the students took their last test.

Of course, now I'm working on another project.  I've been asked (voluntold?) to present at a workshop for teachers next week on how I've used iPads with my students.  The topic I selected to present on is Using Videos as Instructional Tools.  And my selected method to present this topic is to make a video in iMovie on how to use videos!  I have fifteen minutes to present so the video has to be rather long (I'm shooting for 12-13 minutes) so now I'll be a teacher and a presenter for the next week as I work on the video.  So much for being just a teacher!

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