Monday, April 7, 2014

Blah Day

Today was one of totally blah days for me. I did not feel like working today. Our standardized state test starts next Monday so this week is kind of a lot of boring test prep and review and it's really stressful having that test looming over your head, with everyone looking at your scores to determine if you are a good teacher or not. Meanwhile no one ever looks at any of the outside factors influencing the students. Also, this is the second week in a row that I have to tutor three days after work. Wednesday is my last day of tutoring for the year so you would think I would be happy but no... because Thursday I start another class that I have to take. I can never just teach and work eight hours.  This year has been far too many ten and eleven hour days. Grrrrrr. I was thinking a happy, bright dress would change my mood but mission failed. At least the outfit was cute, even if my scowl all day was not.  Funny though, most of the other teachers on my team had on the same scowl, as we're all feeling the testing stress.

Coral dress: Ross
Denim jacket: Bealls Outlet
Cognac belt: Bealls Outlet
Nylons: Walgreens
Sand flats: Rack Room Shoes


  1. What is this test that you have to take? Any website where I can read about this procedure? I'm a teacher too and I'm curious because w dont do this in my country!

    I loved the dress btw!!

    1. Thank you! You can do a web search for "standardized test" or "FCAT" and you should be able to find quite a lot.