Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Bargain Outfit

As I was looking at these outfit photos, it dawned on me that this whole outfit was rather much of a bargain.  I love it when life works out that way!  I posted the prices along with each piece, which I normally don't do (or even really keep track of) but since I felt like it was such a bargain, I kind of wanted to do the math and see just how much this outfit cost!  Nerd much?

oatmeal cardigan from Belk: $10.49 (on clearance)
chevron dress from Belk: $13.99 (on clearance)
cobalt owl belt from Bealls Outlet: $2.70 ($5.99 regular price - 45% [30% off clearance and 15% off for customer loyalty discount])
L'eggs nylons from Outlet: $0.90 (Outlet price was $8.99 for a pack of 10)
nude flats from Vanity Fair Outlet: $8 (Outlet price)
Total cost of outfit: $36.08

And because I love owls... here is a close up of this adorable cobalt owl belt.  How precious is he?  I was looking for a cobalt belt and the fact that it had an owl and was an awesome price was just icing on the cake.  Although I'm not sure why my belt looks crooked in the outfit photos.  I ran it through the tiny belt guides so I'm sure it was on straight so maybe it's just the way I'm standing.  Oh well!  Owl!

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