Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Teacher And...

I got to thinking the other day about how this has probably been one of the busiest school years of my life and then I realized why. Usually I'm just a teacher but all this year, I've been a teacher and something else. My year went like this:

September - October: a teacher and a student (had to take a class to keep my teaching certificate)
October - December: a teacher and a tutor
December - January: a teacher and a student again with a second class
January - April: a teacher and a tutor again
April - May: a teacher and a student for a third class

So I'm currently working really hard to finish all my work for this class, which is the last one I have to take before I will have my ESOL endorsement and hopefully be done with classes during the school year for awhile. Normally teachers take these five classes total in five years but I'm the type to just get it over with so I've done all five in two years, which is the fastest you are allowed to take the classes in my district. I'm trying to get all of my work done for the last class so I can finally be just a teacher again but I will say I am really enjoying leaving work two hours earlier now that tutoring is over!  And I'm enjoying looking cute while being a teacher because heaven knows I will be wearing yoga pants and a T-shirt most of the summer!  I worked my teacher look today with a cardigan and a dress.

navy shirt dress: Ross
kelley green cardigan: Target
taupe bow belt: Papaya
navy tights: Walmart
taupe bow flats: Payless Shoes

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  1. Good for you for finishing off five years worth of studies in two years! I like your look; green cardigan with blue dress.