Monday, March 17, 2014

Twin Green Dresses

Remember how I mentioned last week that my friend M had convinced me of the glory of dress shopping, and especially of the great dress deals you can find at Ross?  If not, you can read last week's post here.  Well it may have backfired on her.  I totally showed up today wearing the same exact green dress as her, which we both bought separately, without ever discussing said dress.  Great minds think alike, right?  We actually both got a laugh out of it and since we styled the same dress quite differently, I really don't think anyone noticed our Saint Patrick's Day twin green dresses.  Above is what the green dress looks like on the hanger.  Below is how I styled mine.

First, I cut off the useless decorative tie string.  The elastic waistband was separate from the string.  Next, I knew when I bought this hunter colored dress that it would look great with the yellow bubble necklace that I already had.  I've really been wanting some colored skinny belts to wear with all my fun new dresses and I found that Body Central at the outlet mall next door to my house carries all sorts of colors for a regular price of $1.90 (and several on clearance right now for $0.99) so I picked up this awesome belt to match my necklace for under two bucks.  I layered it over the elastic waistband.  This outfit is also great if your school colors are green and yellow (like the school I teach at and my hubby's school too) or if you're a Green Bay Packers fan.

I didn't have the presence of mind to ask M if I could photograph her outfit for the blog until after I left work so you'll just have to imagine it.  She wore her dress with brown boots, a brown woven belt, and a slouchy cardigan.  Funny, we were both like, "I like your outfit better!" And I'm 100% sure she and I are going skinny belt shopping over our Spring Break!  Also, I finally made an eye doctor's appointment over break so I can get new contacts, which I've needed for months.  Although I've kind of enjoyed being lazy and wearing my glasses but I want the option to wear whichever one I want.  Which do you prefer, glasses or contacts?

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