Sunday, March 16, 2014

Thursday and Friday Outfits

This is actually what I wore to work on Thursday. Have I mentioned how much I love these jeans? They are straight leg and I swear they are so flattering on so many different body types. I love that they seem to make my legs look longer. Three cheers for jeans under $15 that make you look fabulous!

Petite dark wash straight leg jeans: Loft Outlet (on clearance + another 40% off)
Petite white crew neck T-shirt: Kohl's
Charcoal cardigan: Papaya
Mint Calvin Klein scarf: Ross
Aquamarine flats: Vanity Fair Outlet

And this is what I wore to work on Friday to celebrate Pi Day at my school! (3-14) I just thought this dress with all the circles was too perfect for Pi Day. I had some trouble styling it though, as nothing seemed to look quite right over or under it. I think I should have tried my fitted white button down under it but by the time I thought of that, I was out of time to change again. Live and learn, right? Next time!

Petite navy and beige polka dot dress: Ross
Mocha cardigan: Papaya
Navy blue tights: Walmart (I know they look black or maybe even brown in the photo, but I swear in real life they are quite navy.)
Nude flats: Vanity Fair Outlet

I have one more week of work before I go on Spring Break!  I can't wait to have a week of free time!  My breaks this year have not gone well or been relaxing for me.  On Thanksgiving break, I had oral surgery and spent most of the time off asleep or in pain.  Over Christmas Break, I spent five days in the hospital.  So I'm really looking forward to being healthy this break!  I have some big plans to sleep in, do some shopping, make some alterations to some of my clothes and just relax.  Oh, and I plan on taking photos and doing a blog post on different ways I could wear my black shirt dress!  And first on the list of alterations is to take the hemline of this dress up just a few inches, as it's a little longer than I would like.

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