Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Shopping Outfit

Yesterday was shop til you drop day!  My friend and I went to Ross, Marshall's, Target, and two different outlet malls by my house.  We found some great deals and I finally ladied up and got a bra fitting.  As I figured, I was totally wearing the wrong size and when I tried on a quality bra in the right size from Maidenform, I couldn't believe #1 how comfortable a bra could be and #2 how it instantly made me look like I lost ten pounds by having the girls in a proper place.  Love it!

But enough about undergarments.  Here's what I wore to shop.

bracken fern artist cardigan from Target
abstract print scarf from Walmart
petite white crew neck T-shirt from JC Penney
petite straight leg jeans from Loft Outlet
honey bow flats from GH Bass Outlet


  1. That scarf and cardigan were made for each other! You look lovely in those colors. :)

    1. Thanks Carrie! They seemed to be calling to each other in my closet! :D