Friday, March 21, 2014

Repeat It

I had to reschedule a parent conference at the last minute to accommodate the parent so I really didn't want to wear the jeans and T-shirt I had planned to wear to work today.  But I knew I was only working a few hours (I flexed my hours today since it was teacher planning day) so I didn't want to go all out and wear a dress either.  I was really just too lazy to create a whole new outfit so I decided to just sort of reuse Tuesday's outfit.  I figured if it worked once and was comfortable, why not repeat it?  I just changed up some of the pieces but kept the base of the denim jacket and chinos.

petite white T-shirt: Kohl's
denim jacket: Bealls Outlet
leopard print scarf: Walmart
petite burnt olive chinos: Walmart
brown knot flats: Rack Room Shoes

So I am finally on spring break!  I got to come home early and Brian and I grabbed some lunch and did some shopping.  I picked up a couple of belts, a black grandpa cardigan, and a pretty scarf.  On the agenda for tomorrow: a morning movie date to see Jerusalem at the IMAX.  Maybe I'll wear one of my fun new dresses!

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