Monday, March 31, 2014

Just Not Me

I'm pretty sure this is the fourth time I've worn this skirt and it's definitely my favorite.  This is how I originally imagined wearing this skirt when I bought it so I'm not sure why it took me so long to wear it like this.  Maybe I was saving this outfit in my mind for some reason?  Whatever the reason, I think I've figured out why this skirt was neglected for so long.  I feel like it's just not me.  I love the shape of this skirt but I really am not a huge fan of prints.  I think I would have worn it a lot more if it was just a solid color.  Or even if the print was smaller.  To me, this print is just a little too big and busy for my petite body.  Still, I'm going to try to make it work.  I'm thinking that the next time I wear it I'll go for a look like this, with something more casual.  I'm thinking a plain white tee and a denim jacket might be just the trick to dress it down because in all black today it felt a bit too stuffy and dressed up for my tastes.  Pink is really more my forte than an almost all black outfit.  Oh well, at least I looked cute and professional for my first day back to work after a week off.

petite black long sleeve button down: Banana Republic Outlet
petite polka dot A-line skirt: Loft Outlet
black stretch belt: Papaya
super opaque black tights: Target [exact same here]
black bow flats: GH Bass Outlet

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Deals on Dresses (Under $20)

I don't know about the rest of the northern hemisphere but spring has finally sprung here in Florida!  The forecast for the next ten days is calling for every day in the 70's.  Figures that would happen just as I was figuring out how to layer up and keep warm but I'm okay with it because I have lots of skirts to dig out from the back of my closet and lots of new dresses to wear too!  I've mentioned a few times recently that I've been dress shopping a lot lately so I thought I would compile all of the deals that I've gotten and show you some of the pretty pieces I plan to wear now that the cool air is on its way out.  And to me, a deal on a dress is anything under $20 because, you know... teacher budget here.

(FYI, I'm not including the dress I bought from Burlington Coat Factory in this post because at $30, I didn't feel like it was all that great of a deal.  More like the fulfillment of a dress wish that I've had since being in Bye Bye Birdie back in 12th grade.  I've had a full crinoline dress on my mind ever since!)  

For each dress shown, I've listed where I bought it, the price I paid, as well as the sizing section.  The reason for sizing info/section is I often would limit myself to only shopping in the petites section, but I kept an open mind when shopping and ended up finding that (at least in Ross Dress for Less stores), I can shop in three different sizing sections: Petites, Juniors, and Ladies and find dresses that are all about the same length on me.  Keep in mind though, the longest dress I bought was in the petite section, so you just never really know until you try it on.  So without further adieu, allow me to welcome spring with a plethora of dresses!

Coral Shirt Dress
Purchased at Ross, $9.99
Juniors Sizing
Is there a color that says "spring" more than coral?  I think not.  This dress is a beauty and you can see one way I've worn it already here.  This dress has a half placket, elastic waistband, and pockets.

Navy Floral Dress
Purchased at Ross, $13.99
Ladies Sizing
I love that this dress is floral without being over the top flowery.  The dainty floral pattern doesn't overwhelm my petite frame and the shades in the floral can work for any season from spring to fall, depending on how you wear accessories.  This dress has an elastic waistband and a blouson shape.  Perfect for a date night when you're sporting a burrito food baby but still want to look chic! ;)  I haven't worn this one yet but I am planning on wearing it to work this coming week.

Polka Dot Sheath Dress
Purchased at Ross, $16.99
Petite Sizing
Oddly enough, of all the dresses I bought, this one from the petites department is the longest.  I ended up hemming the length about two inches shorter but that was a quick and easy fix.  This one is a classic sleeveless sheath dress with a matching belt.  I've worn it once here and will probably wear it next with a white dress shirt underneath.

Black Shirt Dress
Purchased at Ross, $12.99
Petite Sizing
This dress is a full placket button down dress.  It's hard to see the details since it's black but it has a traditional shirt collar, pockets at the bust and at the hips, and an elastic waist band.  Oh. Em. Gee.  This dress is comfortable.  Like pajamas comfortable.  I've worn it once here and really I could think of a ton of ways to wear this dress.

Navy Shirt Dress
Purchased at Ross, $9.99
Juniors Sizing
This dress is identical to the coral one above.  I'm one of those people that when I find something I like for a good price, I buy it in multiple colors.  I'm not sure if that will pay off for me in the end but these dresses were such a reasonable price, I figured if I didn't end up wearing them all a ton, I would be okay with it.  I've actually already worn this navy one twice and you can see one way I've worn it here.

Chevron Dress
Purchased at Belk (on clearance), $13.99
Juniors Sizing
I know chevron is really "in" right now (Or is it already on its way out?) and I'm not really one to buy into trends.  I really just liked all the fun colors in this dress.  It's another blouson type dress with that elastic waistband but the "blousing" of this dress is quite minimal.  I think this dress would be easy to style for spring by pairing it with nude flats and a beige cardigan or in the fall you could bring out the charcoal with a black or grey cardigan and black or grey tights or even navy.  The darkest stripes there are navy blue.  I personally am not a fan of the little belt it came with, but that is detachable.  This is another dress I plan to wear next week.

Green Dress
Purchased at Ross, $10.99
Petite Sizing
I will admit that I totally bought this dress just So I could wear it on Saint Patrick's Day but I love the color and shape nonetheless and have plans to wear it several different ways already.  It really brings out the color of my eyes and is another dress that could be worn for any season depending on how you accessorize it.  Again, blouson shape with elastic waistband.
Cobalt Shirt Dress
Purchased at Ross, $9.99
Juniors Sizing
This is another repeat of the same kind of dress shown in coral and navy above.  Really, I only bought this one with one thing in mind.  Twice a year (homecoming and usually one other day), we have school pride day for the high school that my students will feed into.  Since our school colors at the elementary school I teach at are green and yellow and the high school's colors are royal blue and white, I don't really have anything to wear.  Homecoming is always still really hot here in Florida so now I have an outfit I can wear every year for that, without sweating to death.  Just add a thin white cardigan or a white belt!  Also, blue and yellow were the colors of both my high school and college so I can wear them on team spirit day too!  Or add orange accessories when I have to wear "Gator colors"... you get the idea.  And cobalt (or royal blue, whatever you want to call it) looks really great against my fair skin.

So there you have it!  If you are on the hunt for dresses like I was, I would suggest making your first stop a Ross Dress for Less, if you have one in your area.  They just have such a huge variety of dresses for such a fair price.  It's addicting finding an entire outfit for under $20!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Neglected Pieces

Having this week off from work has been great.  I've done a ton (too much!) shopping, lots of relaxing and couch time with my kitties, and I've eaten loads of junk food.  Back to normal Monday!  But that's okay, because I'm looking forward to wearing some of my new clothes next week.  Having all this time off has given me a chance to peruse the Internet and find some new favorite blogs and one I've really been enjoying is A Journey in Style by Kate.  I like Kate (and her blog) because her outfits are affordable and she's totally down to earth about the fact that (like me) getting dressed and looking cute does not always come easily to her.  One thing she does that I loved the idea of is challenging herself to create outfits around pieces in her closet that have been neglected and she calls the challenge "No Longer Neglected".  Oh my gosh, what a great idea!  I have far too many clothing items in my closet that I either paid way too much for or just had to have and which now hang there sad, lonely, and unused.  So I've selected just a few of those pieces to try to build some outfits around in order to get more use out of them.

First, we have the A-line polka dot skirt.  I bought this skirt at Loft and I'm pretty sure I paid full price.  Looking back, I can't even believe I did that.  But I loved the shape of the skirt and thought the colors wouldn't be too hard to match.  Really I could wear a black or white top and be good to go.  But something about this skirt just doesn't appeal to me anymore.  I've already got a few ideas on how I can style this, including with my denim jacket to dress it down a little.

Next, we have a pair of wooden heels that I've never worn.  That's right, I spent way too much on these pretty babies and I've still never worn them.  I've come to the conclusion that I really have very little purpose for heels in my life right now but I'm determined to at least wear these to go out to dinner or something.

The third piece is another polka dot item.  Another item from Loft and another item I spent way too much on.  Although I know why I don't wear this one often.  It's too big through the torso so it doesn't look very flattering on me.  Maybe I should try taking in the sides of this baby because I really do like the fabric and the print.  I checked out YouTube and taking in the sides of a shirt seems pretty easy.  I have plans tomorrow to alter a bunch of other clothing items, so maybe we'll try it out if I can convince hubby to help me "pinch and pin".

Next up is this red skort.  I was dying to find a red or burgundy skirt at end of this past summer and this one just fit the bill so well.  Perfect length, nice color, and on clearance at Kohl's.  Since then I think I've worn it once.  Yup, once.  The problem with this one is that I really don't know how to style it other than with a plain white or plain black top.  I know some people rock red with other colors like cobalt or pink but that's really just not my style.  Although looking at my collage above, this skirt would be pretty cute with the polka dot top (if I can slim it down)!  There's one idea at least.  I'll have to scour Pinterest for some more ideas.  If you have any other ideas, please share!

Ah, the vest I had to have and settled for.  I say settled for because in reality, I don't love the way this vest fits.  It's a little too long for my preference and although it looks fine, I'm not crazy about the length.  But I still really like it and I need to make more of an effort to wear it.  Maybe I could wear it with my straight leg jeans and those neglected heels.  I bet it would also look great with black chinos and a chambray button down for work on a more casual day.

And the last item for this round is this teal blazer.  Originally, I didn't like that it only had one button but I went ahead and added a second button but I still hardly ever wear it.  I really don't know why!  To be honest, I really have neglected all my blazers lately.  But this one should be a fun and bright one to wear this spring.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Shopping Outfit

Yesterday was shop til you drop day!  My friend and I went to Ross, Marshall's, Target, and two different outlet malls by my house.  We found some great deals and I finally ladied up and got a bra fitting.  As I figured, I was totally wearing the wrong size and when I tried on a quality bra in the right size from Maidenform, I couldn't believe #1 how comfortable a bra could be and #2 how it instantly made me look like I lost ten pounds by having the girls in a proper place.  Love it!

But enough about undergarments.  Here's what I wore to shop.

bracken fern artist cardigan from Target
abstract print scarf from Walmart
petite white crew neck T-shirt from JC Penney
petite straight leg jeans from Loft Outlet
honey bow flats from GH Bass Outlet

Monday, March 24, 2014

Highway Driving

Driving makes me crazy.  I have anxiety about driving on the highways in Florida.  Today I had to drive to Jacksonville by myself for an eye exam and it was windy so cars and semi trucks were swerving across the lines of the road, which was made even more fun when I went through a construction zone with concrete barriers on the side.  Ack, I hate it.  So glad they didn't dilate my eyes, as that would have made things even worse.  And it makes me grateful that my work is 25 miles away on beautiful and calm back country roads and not on the highway.

This is what I wore to the doctor's appointment.  I knew I wanted to go for a more casual look and bask in the fact that I didn't have to work.  I noticed I hadn't worn this vest in a long time so I decided to take a cue from Leonard and pair it with a hooded sweatshirt, since it was chilly and looking like rain today.  When I got home, I decided it would be fun to play dress up and try to find some ways to style some of the new dresses I bought over the last few weeks.  I plan on taking more pictures later this week and editing what I have but I'll surely be sharing a few of my favorites.  Tomorrow I have big plans to go shopping with my friend so hopefully I'll find some fun pieces to share in the haul post I've been working on.  Until then, I plan on stalking cute outfit ideas on Pinterest.  I collect pins like crazy but I'm trying to work more on using my pins for inspiration so maybe I'll try to create some outfits from those ideas too.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Seven Ways to Wear an Olive Skirt

If you want to get technical, the tag when I bought this skirt defined the color as "moss" but really it's just a weird shade of olive.  I got it at Kohl's on clearance last year.  I don't remember exactly how much I paid for it but I know it was less than $15.  Considering how many times I've worn it, that's a pretty good deal!  I'm also surprised by how many times I've worn this differently.  I've never repeated an outfit with this skirt.  I actually created this graphic below after I started thinking about some of my favorite clothing pieces and realized this skirt always makes me feel great when I wear it and I never seem to have trouble creating outfits with it.  If only every piece of clothing I owned was like that!

Seven Ways to Wear an Olive Skirt:
1. with a chambray top and white cardigan
2. with a deep purple button down
3. with pink plaid
4. with a black button down
5. with a chambray button down
6. with floral
7. with a white top and navy cardigan

I'm curious to know which way I styled this skirt do you like best?  I think I like #5 best but that's the most recent way I've worn it and "most recent" seems to equate to favorite when I wear this skirt.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Morning Movie Date

Yesterday I mentioned that Brian and I were planning on going to see a movie this morning at the IMAX at World Golf Hall of Fame.  I was originally planning on wearing a dress but when I saw the weather was calling for rain, I decided to go with jeans and my hooded utility jacket to keep me dry.  Of course, it didn't rain and it was warm but I was still comfortable in what I wore.  I went with a simple outfit: jeans, a white tee, and my pretty new scarf.

World Golf Hall of Fame
long sleeve white tee: old, I think I got it at Walmart
petite straight leg jeans: Loft Outlet
abstract print scarf: Walmart
honey bow flats: GH Bass Outlet

I bought this scarf because it pretty much goes with every color.  It has shades of navy, black, white, cobalt, lavender, yellow, pink, mint, orange, white, and more.  So it would pretty much go with a ton of stuff I already own, including lots of my new dresses.  I can't wait to wear it with one of them!  Below is a better photo of it.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Repeat It

I had to reschedule a parent conference at the last minute to accommodate the parent so I really didn't want to wear the jeans and T-shirt I had planned to wear to work today.  But I knew I was only working a few hours (I flexed my hours today since it was teacher planning day) so I didn't want to go all out and wear a dress either.  I was really just too lazy to create a whole new outfit so I decided to just sort of reuse Tuesday's outfit.  I figured if it worked once and was comfortable, why not repeat it?  I just changed up some of the pieces but kept the base of the denim jacket and chinos.

petite white T-shirt: Kohl's
denim jacket: Bealls Outlet
leopard print scarf: Walmart
petite burnt olive chinos: Walmart
brown knot flats: Rack Room Shoes

So I am finally on spring break!  I got to come home early and Brian and I grabbed some lunch and did some shopping.  I picked up a couple of belts, a black grandpa cardigan, and a pretty scarf.  On the agenda for tomorrow: a morning movie date to see Jerusalem at the IMAX.  Maybe I'll wear one of my fun new dresses!

Thursday, March 20, 2014


Today was a half day for students and then I had several parent teacher conferences after that so it was another long one. And I got there super early today so that I can leave early tomorrow and start my spring break before lunch time! Although I'm pretty sure I looked 12 today, my conferences still went great!

Petite white tee: JC Penney
navy cardigan: Target
olive skinny belt: Body Central (on clearance for $0.99!)
taupe scarf: NY&Co Outlet
petite straight leg jeans: Loft Outlet
honey bow flats: GH Bass Outlet

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Still Not Friday Yet

Not much to say today.  I wore this to work.  It's not Friday yet... so I'm of course exhausted and eagerly awaiting Friday afternoon!

petite polka dot blouse from Sears
red cardigan from Papaya
skinny black belt from Papaya (on clearance for $1!)
dark wash skinny jeans from Loft Outlet
black bow flats from GH Bass Outlet

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Today Is Not Wednesday

I thought all day long that today was Wednesday.  Around 1:30 this afternoon I finally realized it was Tuesday.  Usually that would be a major bummer but I didn't mind because I don't have tutoring on Tuesdays so I made the decision that I was going to go home right after my work hours (3:15) instead of staying and getting all the grading done that I desperately need to get caught up on.  Understand that as a teacher, I can't even tell you the last time I actually left work at 3:15 rather than staying later and getting stuff done.  Instead, I went home to hang out with Brian!  We teach in different counties and he is on Spring Break this week, while mine is next week.  When I got home, he was feeling totally stir crazy from being stuck at home alone and inside for the last few days thanks to the constant rain here this week.  The rain had finally let up so we decided to grab a bite to eat and do a bit of shopping.  I've been wanting what I call a grandpa cardigan to wear with my dresses in the mornings while it's still chilly.  (Grandpa cardigan to me is an open or button down cardigan that is longer than waist length and a little less fitted than a regular cardigan.  Maybe the popular term now is a boyfriend cardigan.)  We checked out Target first, but I didn't find anything so we went over to Belk next where I scored!  I bought this cardigan in an oatmeal color on clearance for $10.49 and this chevron dress on clearance for $13.99.  The cardigan was exactly what I wanted and the dress was an added bonus!  But I won't be wearing any more dresses this week because we are allowed to wear jeans for the rest of this week!  And I bet the dress I bought today would look really cute with this denim jacket.

petite white button down shirt: Kohl's
denim jacket: Bealls Outlet
mixed neutrals necklace: Payless
petite camel straight leg chinos: Walmart
brown knot flats: Rack Room Shoes

Monday, March 17, 2014

Twin Green Dresses

Remember how I mentioned last week that my friend M had convinced me of the glory of dress shopping, and especially of the great dress deals you can find at Ross?  If not, you can read last week's post here.  Well it may have backfired on her.  I totally showed up today wearing the same exact green dress as her, which we both bought separately, without ever discussing said dress.  Great minds think alike, right?  We actually both got a laugh out of it and since we styled the same dress quite differently, I really don't think anyone noticed our Saint Patrick's Day twin green dresses.  Above is what the green dress looks like on the hanger.  Below is how I styled mine.

First, I cut off the useless decorative tie string.  The elastic waistband was separate from the string.  Next, I knew when I bought this hunter colored dress that it would look great with the yellow bubble necklace that I already had.  I've really been wanting some colored skinny belts to wear with all my fun new dresses and I found that Body Central at the outlet mall next door to my house carries all sorts of colors for a regular price of $1.90 (and several on clearance right now for $0.99) so I picked up this awesome belt to match my necklace for under two bucks.  I layered it over the elastic waistband.  This outfit is also great if your school colors are green and yellow (like the school I teach at and my hubby's school too) or if you're a Green Bay Packers fan.

I didn't have the presence of mind to ask M if I could photograph her outfit for the blog until after I left work so you'll just have to imagine it.  She wore her dress with brown boots, a brown woven belt, and a slouchy cardigan.  Funny, we were both like, "I like your outfit better!" And I'm 100% sure she and I are going skinny belt shopping over our Spring Break!  Also, I finally made an eye doctor's appointment over break so I can get new contacts, which I've needed for months.  Although I've kind of enjoyed being lazy and wearing my glasses but I want the option to wear whichever one I want.  Which do you prefer, glasses or contacts?

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Thursday and Friday Outfits

This is actually what I wore to work on Thursday. Have I mentioned how much I love these jeans? They are straight leg and I swear they are so flattering on so many different body types. I love that they seem to make my legs look longer. Three cheers for jeans under $15 that make you look fabulous!

Petite dark wash straight leg jeans: Loft Outlet (on clearance + another 40% off)
Petite white crew neck T-shirt: Kohl's
Charcoal cardigan: Papaya
Mint Calvin Klein scarf: Ross
Aquamarine flats: Vanity Fair Outlet

And this is what I wore to work on Friday to celebrate Pi Day at my school! (3-14) I just thought this dress with all the circles was too perfect for Pi Day. I had some trouble styling it though, as nothing seemed to look quite right over or under it. I think I should have tried my fitted white button down under it but by the time I thought of that, I was out of time to change again. Live and learn, right? Next time!

Petite navy and beige polka dot dress: Ross
Mocha cardigan: Papaya
Navy blue tights: Walmart (I know they look black or maybe even brown in the photo, but I swear in real life they are quite navy.)
Nude flats: Vanity Fair Outlet

I have one more week of work before I go on Spring Break!  I can't wait to have a week of free time!  My breaks this year have not gone well or been relaxing for me.  On Thanksgiving break, I had oral surgery and spent most of the time off asleep or in pain.  Over Christmas Break, I spent five days in the hospital.  So I'm really looking forward to being healthy this break!  I have some big plans to sleep in, do some shopping, make some alterations to some of my clothes and just relax.  Oh, and I plan on taking photos and doing a blog post on different ways I could wear my black shirt dress!  And first on the list of alterations is to take the hemline of this dress up just a few inches, as it's a little longer than I would like.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Making the Case for Dresses

Hooray for a pretty spring dress!  Hip hip hooray for a $9.99 pretty spring dress!  I really feel like I've been missing out on dresses for a long time.  For awhile now I've thought dresses just weren't really for me until my friend M convinced me a few weeks ago while we were shopping at Ross together that dresses were awesome.  Here are the cases she made for dress awesomeness:
1. If you get the right one, they can be really comfortable
2. They are simple.  Top and bottom in one, all you really need to think about are what shoes to wear with it!
3. It's often the cheapest outfit you can buy.  One piece, one price.
4. You can dress them up with heels and jewelry or dress them down with flats and a denim jacket.  They work for spring, summer, winter, and fall because they are so easy to layer.
5. With only a few dresses, you can get a lot of looks.  For example, my black shirt dress.  Pair it this time with a denim jacket, brown belt and brown flats.  Next time wear it with a hot pink cardigan, a scarf, and boots.  Next time try a silver belt and silver sandals.  So many looks just by changing the accessories or layering differently.

And I'm so glad I let her talk me into trying on dresses because now I'm hooked!  She makes a valid case, no?

white 3/4 cardigan: Target
coral shirt dress: Ross
woven dark brown belt: free with another dress
brown knot flats: Rack Room Shoes

Chambray Day

You would have thought Tuesday was International Wear Chambray Day at my work.  I saw at least three other people wearing chambray.  It was pretty fun to see it styled so many different ways... #1 with black pants #2 with brown pants and a blue and brown scarf #3 and with khakis.  I wore mine combined with some of my favorite pieces: leopard flats and a pencil skirt.

petite chambray button down: Kohl's
teal and earth tones necklace: old... I don't remember where I got it.
moss pencil skirt: Kohl's
brown triple loop belt: Walmart
leopard ballet flats: Papaya
L'eggs sheer nylons: Walgreens

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Retail Therapy

For the longest time, I didn't have the time or energy to shop nor was there anything I wanted to look for.  Oh, the saving of money has ended and the retail therapy has begun!  But it's okay because I've found some great deals lately and I'm really happy with what I've purchased lately.  And seriously, I've been so stressed and busy at work lately that shopping has really been a great way to relax and spend some much needed girl time with friends.  I figured I earned it by working all the extra hours and earning extra money tutoring.  Here's what I've added to my closet.

Calvin Klein mint scarf, Ross $9.99
I love that this scarf is light weight enough to be worn here in Florida and I thought it would look great with my new navy dresses.  Also, it matches a super cute pair of flats I already have!

Petite dark wash straight leg jeans, Loft $14.24
I've had a pair of straight leg jeans on my wish list for ages and I couldn't pass these up when they were on super sale over President's Day weekend.  I saw the exact same pair yesterday for $24.99 so I'm happy I jumped on these when I did.

Petite sleeveless black shirt dress, Ross $12.99
A black shirt dress is another thing that has been on my wish list for ages and I love this one!  Great price and I think it looks totally cute on, as shown in yesterday's outfit post.  You can't really tell because it's black, but this one buttons the entire way and has an elastic tie waist and A-line from the waist down.  Can you say love?

Coral shirt dress, Ross $9.99
This dress is exactly the same as the navy shirt dress I bought from Ross last week.  I love that dress and for such a low price in a fun, flattering color, I was happy to find this gem.  I've already worn it once!  On Saturday, Brian was the MC of the scholarship pageant at the high school he works at and I looked adorable yet casual enough in this sweet dress.

Distressed cropped denim jacket, Vanity Fair Clearance Outlet, $13
I have been contemplating purchasing a denim jacket for a little while now.  I always see such cute dress and skirt outfits on Pinterest and style blogs but I wasn't really sure if it was my style.  I figured since this one was so inexpensive, it was a low cost risk and of course, I ended up loving it!  Except there are a few things I don't like about this particular one, including the weird paisley pattern on the underside of the cuff and the distressed areas of it.  I'll keep a look out for the perfect replacement for it, but it will have to fit all the areas I want.

Brown saddle belt, Burlington Coat Factory $3.98
"Saddle belt" because it definitely cinches like a saddle!  LOL!  I was looking for another brown belt that I could wear with my pencil skirts and dresses and this one was a cheap sale.  I'm not sure that I love it but for such a low cost, I'm okay with donating it if I wear it a few times and still don't love it.  And of course, I ended up buying a dress that came with a free brown belt that was exactly what I was looking for.  (See second photo)

Nude patent ballet flats, Vanity Fair Outlet $8
To be honest, I wasn't sure about these shoes at first and ended up thinking about them for two days before I went back to the outlet to buy them.  In real life, mine are more of a grayish nude than the photo below.  But I have another pair of these shoes in a different color and they are pretty comfortable, since they are big enough on me to fit good insoles in with them.  Eventually, I decided they were worth an eight dollar risk and I really have wanted a pair of nude flats for awhile.  I had just planned on purchasing a higher quality pair, maybe something with a good built-in insole.  As a teacher who is on her feet all day, I'm happy to invest in good quality flats for work.  For now, I'll try these out and see if I really like nude flats as much as I think I will.
I also purchased slips to wear under all my pretty new dresses, but I have a thing about not posting photos of my undergarments.  (Is that just me?)  For anyone who is interested, I bought these in latte and black for half price on clearance at Target and I really like them.  The black one stayed in place well with my new black shirt dress and was really comfortable.  The slip didn't stick to the dress the way they sometimes can.  At least it didn't stick after I ironed my dress before wearing it.