Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thursday Outfit

I saw this cardigan on a mannequin in Papaya and thought it was a fun unique color that would look really good with my olive chinos.  But then I was stumped on how I could style it with anything else and then I was really wishing I had taken a photo of that mannequin!  I figured I was always safe with an outfit of all neutrals and this mocha cardigan was far enough from black that they would work together.  I did end up wearing a different white shirt underneath though.  This one is just too wide and was making me look a little bulky so I went with a 3/4 one that was more slim instead.

white button down [similar]
mocha cardigan from Papaya [exact]
petite black chinos from Walmart [exact but not petite size]
black bow flats from G.H. Bass Outlet [similar]
black and silver flower necklace from Papaya [similar] [similar] [similar]

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  1. I just wanted to say thank you SO much for all your outfit ideas. As a new teacher, I've been struggling to transition (slowly) my wardrobe from random "singular" pieces into more professional outfits. So often those "professional" outfits don't function in the classroom or I end up looking like I'm headed to a funeral. Keep it up! :)