Thursday, February 27, 2014

Learning the Layering Formula

This makes my eighth winter living here in Florida after relocating when I graduated from college. Before that, I had lived and endured 22 Pennsylvanian winters and I was pretty good at dressing warm. But living in the south, you get used to the hot summers and cold becomes a thing of the past. Except that like most other places, Florida has seen a colder winter than usual this year. So I think I'm finally learning the layering formula that fits Florida's winters, at least for me.
Long sleeve button down shirt + long sleeve cardigan + statement necklace + straight leg chinos + ballet flats = comfortable, stylish, and warm teacher outfit
That's a long one! But in all honesty, this formula has really made picking out outfits much easier for me lately. I especially love the way this one turned out because the inside of the cuffs of the button down are plaid and cuffing the sleeves shows that off in a super cute way.

petite pink long sleeve button down - Kohl's
charcoal cardigan - Papaya
jet ellipse necklace - Kohl's
petite black straight leg chinos - Walmart
pewter bow flats - G.H. Bass Outlet

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