Sunday, February 2, 2014

Attempt at Layers

 This outfit is something I wore last week (notice the still long hair in a sad, hot mess of a ponytail?).  This winter has been especially cold here in Florida as well as much of the United States and I really have forgotten how to dress warm enough for temperatures under 60* Fahrenheit.  After looking at blogs of all those smart people living in colder climates, I came to the conclusion that thin layers are the way to go.  They are on to something because I was nice and toasty this day.  I wore a long sleeve black button down under my burnt olive 3/4 sweater.  I guess the key to not looking lumpy is wearing a tank top in between because that did the trick to smooth the buttons on the shirt.  I paired it with a mixed neutral necklace and I really liked the way this outfit looked but I was uncomfortable with the spandex tank top in between layers, as it kept bunching up.  Next time, different tank.

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